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A gallery wall is a great way to fill a blank wall with a pretty collection. The wall contrary to our bed has been sterile for some time. I decided to make use of it, so I took a few things I have been collecting to create a wall which reflects my personal style and showcases my locates.

I love mixing finishes and materials — it makes for an interesting arrangement. I used wood eyeglasses, a metal grate and a mirror with this wall. Even though most of the finishes are different, they work well together. Don’t be afraid to mix and match for an eclectic look. Here’s how:

Susan Duane

To create a gallery wall you’ll need:
• Frames, art, photos, mirrors and other discovers
• Hammer
• Nails
• Craft paper
• Pencil
• Tape
• Ribbon (optional)
• Tape measure
• Camera

1. Lay out a tape measure or ruler onto the ground, and the width of the wall area. This will supply you with the framework for your project.

Susan Duane

2. Organize and move your pieces around until you’re pleased with the placement. My personal style is straightforward, so I retained the composition that way, too. Consider turning frames vertically and horizontally for a look. For me, mixing in an oval divides the straight lines of the other pieces.

3. Take a photo with your phone or camera so that you may reference your composition.

4. I taped two pieces of craft paper together so all of my pieces would fit on it. I maintain a roll of it available since it’s so useful for endeavors.

5. Using a pencil follow the outline of each frame on your paper. Mark the placement of the nail or hook, too.

6. Tape the paper to the wall, making sure it’s straight. Hammer a nail or hook into each proper marking. After all of your nails are in place remove.

Susan Duane

7. Hang each piece in its place, using the photo you took as reference. Into a blank wall’ve turned into something beautiful.

Susan Duane

If you’re out looking for items to use, think beyond conventional frames to earn your gallery wall distinctive. This beautiful wood piece was from a classic audio stand that I found in an estate sale. It did not have a hanger, so I hung it out of a pretty ribbon.

Susan Duane

This piece is a classic heating grate — I discovered a few of these at the flea market. At the time I had no clue what I was going to do together, however, I knew I’d be able to use them . The detail is really beautiful, and there’s a little hook in the bottom which I was able to hang an older key.

An all-mirror gallery wall would be beautiful in a living room or entryway. Or how about all-white finishes for a more uniform look? The excellent thing about this project is that there are no rules!

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Guest Groups: Bull's-Eye Mirrors

A bull’s-eye mirror is on the mark for instantly updating your own decor. It is among my favourite decorative accents since it brings delicate light and a shot of character into your area. Perfect as a standalone statement bit or as an element of a gallery-style group, the bull’s-eye is the ultimate accessory bit. With so many styles and shapes to pick from, there’s guaranteed to be a bull’s-eye mirror ready to create its mark in your own room! — Barbara out of Hampton Hostess

Tonic Home

Octo Mirror by SECTO – $389

Bold and beautiful, the Octo Mirror is an instant statement maker. Using its strong architectural lines and chic white and black layout, this mirror is the perfect addition to a modern entryway.

Jayson Home

Abalone Shell Mirror – $32

Oh so fragile, the shimmery Abalone Shell Mirror is beach-chic glamour.


Worlds Away Federal Mirror – $572.50

This one is a classic! The Federal Mirror is a traditionalist’s best friend.

Layla Grayce

Currey and Company Solstice Convex Mirror – $2,279

The Solstice Mirror is a twist on a timeless convex mirror. Hand-carved at a soft, neutral palette, its warm wood tones are a magical contrast to a brighter mirror.

Mecox Gardens

Round Sleek Gold Circular Mirror – $1,525

A hammered, gold round mirror adds sparkle and glamour to a modern inside.


Aidan Gray Laura Mirror – $225

Gothic lines and a soft white-washed complete make the Laura Mirror by Aiden Gray memorable.

Modern Mirrors – $1,195

The chic Golden Sunburst Mirror is the perfect accessory for immediately updating a room. The timeless, gilded feather layout works beautifully with both modern and traditional interiors.

Mecox Gardens

Spiral Mirror – $1,400

Fun and whimsical, the Spiral Mirror is a playful piece.


Made Goods Farah Mirror

Is it art, or is it an attachment? This lovely Farah Mirror bridges both categories with its delicate branch layout.

Neiman Marcus

Golden “Greek Key” Mirror – $275

You can not go wrong with a timeless Greek key design. The timeless motif is super-sized in this mirror, bringing glamour to antique modernism.

Mecox Gardens

Connected Round Mirror – $1,100

Large links give this mirror nautical allure, although the brushed-chrome complete brings a modern vibe to this piece.

Barbara Page Home

Natural Hemp Mirror – $487.95

The natural hemp in this mirror harkens an upgraded ’70s groovy vibe.

CSN Mirrors

Rustic Faux Stag Horn Round Wall Mirror – $282

I can not resist the rustic charm of this faux antler mirror revved up with golden highlights.

Oly Studio

Delanie Round Mirror

Delicate and demure, the Delanie Round Mirror includes a classic vintage look.

Modern Mirrors – $1,800

Classic, the Christopher Guy “Watchband” Mirror adds instant drama with a timeless design and oversize convex mirror.

Neiman Marcus

Knot Mirror – $525

The timeless knot layout is a daring statement bit in gilded black and gold lacquer. It would be stunning over a dressing table or in an entryway.

West Elm

Portico Mirror – $99

This mirror is for the purist — gold with a gorgeous crackle finish.

Classy Mirrors

Cordova Mirror – $515.95

Subtle shades of gray and blue frame a conventional beveled mirror inside this fun Cordova Mirror.

Classy Mirrors

Paza Round Mirror – $313.95

A little birdie told me that this petit gold frame would look fantastic in a foyer!

Mecox Gardens

Oliver Mirror – $600

Engineered wood in the form of spokes is a whimsical take on a traditional sunburst form. It’d be great for modern or darkened spaces.

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New Start: Organizing Your Craft Room

According to the Craft & Hobby Association, the past year that the craft and hobby industry raked in $29 billion. And 56% of households are crafting at least once per year — and that is only in the U.S. Thus, it’s likely that you’re either a crafter, or you’ve indulged in crafting at a time or another. That likely explains the growing tendency of having a craft/hobby space at home.

Any crafter can tell you that keeping a workspace organized is essential for success. Scrapbooking, crocheting, jewelry and DIY décor are one of the most common hobbies. That adds up to plenty of equipment that need to be organized. But, every discerning crafter understands that appearance matters. Thus, to help keep your area in tip-top shape, below are some storage and organization solutions that are both pretty and functional.

Monica Ewing

Do not overlook opportunities for DIY wall units. This choice can be quite budget-friendly and will allow you to make a system that’s specific to your needs. As shown here, hook racks were incorporated into the design of the display unit. This is a wonderful method to hang scissors, ribbon and tape.

In craft spaces, a peg board is among the most flexible tools for organization. This is a great surface for hanging small buckets, bins and hooks. You can also paint your peg board to add a dose of innovative colour to the space.

Between Naps on the Porch

If your craft room involves a wrap station, then dowels should be your best friend. You can purchase them at the local hardware store and have them cut to fit within shelving units. Dowels will keep your wrapping paper and ribbon neat, orderly and within arm’s reach when you’re ready to wrap the ideal gift.

Cozy Little Residence

A small shelving unit with cubbies will offer several places for storage without consuming too much space. See-through plastic bins are also a excellent way to keep your equipment organized, and you’re going to be able to quickly identify your inventory.

Surge – ATX

Custom storage units with pull-out shelves will offer simple access to your supplies. Instead of using white, go for an enjoyable punch colour like tangerine tango, which can be Pantone’s 2012 Shade of the Year.

Natural-woven baskets remain a tried and true alternative for storage, as seen in this area. Baskets are very textural and will supply an organic feeling to your room. Another great notion shown here is that the usage of hangers to organize cloth samples.

I adore the notion of using simple, inexpensive clipboards to display and organize photos, cloth and paper items. Here, ordinary clip boards were covered with decorative paper which adds colour and pattern to the space.

When designing a custom work station, be sure to include lots of desk space as well as shelving. A corner work station will maximize space in smaller rooms. Additionally, a cork wall surface works great as an inspiration board.

Rhonda Kieson Designs

Use stencils to label drawers and pull-out units. This really is a fun way to customize your distance and incorporate typography in your overall layout.

Jeanette Lunde

For a casual sense in your craft space, organize supplies in simple wooden or wire crates. This no-fuss approach will keep the items so without all of the frou frou.

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Surround Your Fireplace With Stone, Brick or Tile

I explored the choices of rock slab fireplace surrounds in my final ideabook, so here are some fireplace design ideas with brick and tile. Whether you’ve got an existing traditional brick and wood fireplace surround and you’re looking for a change — or you are designing one from scratch — there is an idea in here for you.

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Dana Wolter

So many houses have a conventional natural wood fireplace and red brick surround and hearth. Do not fee like you are tied to this forever. Just go to it and paint it white — all and brick. It might require some convincing of a partner or relative, but everybody I know who has gone for it never looked back with regret. Painting the brick white can decorate and decorate a room and offer you more choices for paint and fabric colours. Of course, this is not for everyone’s taste. Some people today love natural wood, and it may be more appropriate to their property.

lorraine Pennington

Following is a more modern case of white brick fireplace. I totally adore this — it’s modern yet earthy, and I enjoy the way the top ledge goes over to the shelving on the rear, making it more asymmetrical. This design really complements the minimum black inside.

CWB Architects

If you know you are ready for a change but don’t want to paint that wood mantle, go for a new tile surround instead. I really like the raised relief pattern of this blue tile. A fireplace is the best place to use a tile you adore but may have too much texture or is a bit too pricey to use in kitchen.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

Hand-painted terra-cotta tile provides a modern twist to some more conventional fireplace mantle. Here tile proceeds down to the hearth, but you could easily maintain your existing hearth substance or switch it out to a rock slab.

McIntosh Poris Associates

Another vintage-inspired tile provides a lot of personality to this white ring and fireplace. If you want your design to me more about the tile and less about the ring, then go for a thinner profile similar to this.

A easy shadowbox mantle design creates the glass mosaic tile on this fireplace the focal point. When using a tile on the surround, don’t be afraid to mix in a different material, like a the black rock slab to the hearth.

Rather than opting for the simplicity of a single-shape tile, go for something with much more detail, like this embossed tile and architectural molding. Caps, liners and other moldings include pattern and detail though the tile is all the exact same color.

When designing a new fireplace surround, you are able to integrate things like shelving as well. This design accentuates the horizontal lines of this room. Here the rock tile is the exact same substance on the surround and raised hearth, but changes contour for texture and interest.

John Lum Architecture, Inc.. AIA

Run the rock tile to the ceiling to make drama and accentuate the vertical. Charcoal black and gray rock are always excellent ways to de-emphasize the black box that is a trademark of gas fireplaces.

Dufner Heighes Inc

This rock fireplace surround takes the cake for outrageous and unique. I am not sure if that was first to the house or newly designed, but in any event, I am in love.

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6 Great New Programs for a Vintage Dresser

When I’m shopping at a flea market or antique shop, I usually place at least one classic dresser with a low profile along with three long drawers. Sure, dressers are traditionally utilized to store clothing in your bedroom. However, these low dressers also sit at that perfect elevation for use around the house as a changing table, bathroom vanity, media cabinet, sideboard, or home bar. So the next time you see a dresser you adore (but don’t need for your bedroom), think outside the box. There’s a special charm that a classic dresser adds to a room.

Changing table. Capture the classic style you would like for your little girl’s nursery using a low classic dresser as a changing table. Who says you have to use the standard nursery furniture? The height and width of this classic dresser is simply right.

Hint: Most changing tables come with a tray to maintain your changing mat in place. If you’re using a classic dresser as the changing table, be sure to put quilted contact paper under so that the mat does not go around with your infant.

Amy Lambert Lee

Wow, this mirrored dresser utilized as a changing table adds a large dose of glam into the nursery. And I’m sure baby will adore looking at herself in the mirrored surface.

Annette Tatum

Give a classic dresser a fresh coat of paint for an instant new look. Here, the changing table channels a beach-y cabin vibe.

Hint: If you’re considering buying a vintage dresser as a changing table, check the elevation. The average elevation of a changing table is all about 36″ high, and it will be a comfortable height for you — so you’re not bending too low or reaching baby.

Nicole Lanteri Design

This low yellow dresser is sure to be the focus of this nursery. There’s readily space for a changing pad and provides. Once baby is potty-trained, this necklace would make a stunning piece for her big-girl room.

Cynthia Mason Interiors

Turn a dresser into a sink vanity. I’ve seen this design concept lots of times, and I’ll never tire of it. If I ever own a home, I definitely need to scout out a beautiful dresser to turn into my own one-of-a-kind bathroom sink.

TIP: You’ll need a vessel sink to match with your non dresser to flip it to a sink vanity.

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc..

I really like the mix of styles you see with this sink vanity. A low classic dresser is paired with a vessel sink and modern faucet. The result is one eye piece bit for your bathroom.

Bar. This low dresser fits flawlessly by the window because a miniature home bar. And there are drawers to shop entertaining supplies. I much prefer this design to normal bar carts: this outfit looks so grownup and chic.

Kati Curtis Design

Buffet. This low dresser looks right at home in a living room — it might easily be utilized as a buffet by the dining table. Or I could see my husband’s flatscreen TV looking fairly sitting on the top.

Castro Design Studio

Sideboard. Using a plate rack over, you may use a low dresser as a sideboard by your dining room. Store your flatware and tea towels in the drawers. This chamber has a modern cabin vibe that I adore.

Dreamy Whites

Dresser. It’s simple to conquer the top of your dresser with stuff. I would love for my dresser to look more as the dresser here. The surface of the dresser is spare of mess, which means that your eyes go to this piece’s lines.

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Guest Groups: 20 Finds for Your Modern Home Office

Bear in mind that saying,”A place for everything and everything in its place”? It couldn’t be more accurate than when designing a home office. While it’s important your space is a pleasing one to spend time in, it is equally important that the room provides operational work surfaces and storage. And of course, you want to surround yourself with beautiful things so you have a pleasant atmosphere in which to get your job done. If I could design my dream home office, it’d probably look a lot like this. — Michelle from Design Evolution

Design Within Reach

Nelson Swag Leg Desk – $2,149

In my view, there isn’t a more perfectly equipped desk proportioned to get a small home office. The footprint is miniature and also the slim swag legs don’t occupy a lot of visual space.

Design Within Reach

Airia Desk – $2,199

This desk is ideal for someone who does more out of a home office than pay the occasional bill. And if you fear the Nelson Swag Leg desk isn’t quite large enough, this one gets the same sleek modern appearance while providing more surface work space and hidden storage. Additionally, the storage cupboard is adorable.

Design Within Reach


Restoration Hardware

Devon Chair – $995

I find that the majority of desk chairs out that there are just plain awful. I know the focus of a task chair is supposed to be work, but there’s no reason a comfortable and practical desk chair can not likewise be beautiful. This one is padded and upholstered in glove leather, which means you can sit in it for hours. With a similar shape to the Arne Jacobsen Swan Chair, it looks as though it belongs in your home — not in a darkened cubicle.

Hand-Woven Kilim Burgundy Jute/ Wool Rug – $200.99

I adore an area rug to floor a space, but it is best to stay with flat weave rugs when decorating a office. This kilim will permit your table chair to roll easily.

Iron Kilim Cloth Seat Stool (India) – $145.99

Sometimes you only need to take a break from a difficult task day, roll away from the desk, place your feet up on a stool like this one and unwind.

Schoolhouse Electric

Task Lab Light – $219

Task lighting is actually important. This table lamp is unique and reminiscent of laboratory equipment.

Schoolhouse Electric

Lift Lamp – $99

I really like to have pairs of dining table and task lamps that match each other but are not exact matches. This elevator lamp would look perfect with the Task Lab Light.

Modern Desk Accessories – $30

Slick and modern, this affordable set of desk accessories made by Poppin adds instant style to a home office.

Kaufmann Mercantile

Blackwing Drawing Pencils (Box of 12) – $19.90

These are, undoubtedly, the most thoughtfully designed writing pencils in existence.

Kaufmann Mercantile

Dux Adjustable Brass Pencil Sharpener – $19.90

What could match the perfect writing pencil better than the usual brass pencil sharpener made in Germany? It comes with its own leather carrying case.

Ballard Designs

Provence Market Basket – $35

Sometimes the illusion of organization is all you require. A massive market basket is ideal for stashing a pile of magazines that’s cluttering up a work space.

kate spade new york

Kate Spade Paper Weight – $38

Why don’t you utilize a paperweight with lots of bling for your desktop computer?

Editions of 100


Cool artwork such as this makes a home workspace a far more desirable place to spend your time.

Double Merrick

“Good Science” Printing – EUR 55

This is just another great artwork print for a home office.

Better Living Through Design

2012 Stendig Calendar – $33

I look forward to buying this Stendig calendar made by Massimo Vignelli every year.

Tivoli Audio

Tivoli Model One Radio – $149.99

I can’t focus without music, and this Tivoli radio is the perfect union of contemporary styling and modern function.

Okay Art

Eames Side Chair Golden – EUR 1,625.71

This is just about the chicest (and most expensive) guest chair you can have in your home office.


Wood Animal Box: Whale – $49

Each room requires at least one quirky piece — it gives the space personality. This wooden storage box could be ideal for holding paper clips and other office ephemera.

Design Public

Schmitt Design Bloom Wall Clock – $268

How are you going to know when work is because unless you have a beautiful clock such as this one ticking away on your wall?

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Easy Wall Décor: Beautiful Baskets

If you are looking for an interesting alternative to more conventional functions of art, open your eyes to other items. Consider baskets; they also add unique shapes and textures to a space, and hanging them on the walls will make you see them in a brand new way. Here’s a glance at baskets can glow in a variety of rooms.

Liz Williams Interiors

This classic cigarette basket adds texture to the white area between the headboard and the ceiling. A simple search of”cigarette basket” brings up a great deal of options; you can score one for around $150.

See the rest of the coastal home

Liz Williams Interiors

Seeing this film gave me an aha! Design instant, as I have one of those vintage French munitions baskets and may never quite produce the ideal location for this. It does not take away from the curved mirrors, and its black writing and tan colour coordinate well with the room’s colour scheme.

Katerina Tana Design

This basket was created by artist Jonathan Kline. The piece is the best scale in proportion to the mattress and the wall and introduces intriguing texture and pattern to the space.

Katerina Tana Design

The other woven tray by Kline adorns exactly the same across the bed area in precisely the exact same cottage, this one fitting nicely into a more compact area.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

Tobacco baskets work well in living rooms and family rooms as well. Their slats create a unique pattern on the wall.

Frederick + Frederick Architects

Here the basket is a rustic focus across the fireplace.

An oval bread jar is an accent above a dining room sideboard.

Tracery Interiors

This wire basket adds to the kitchen’s vintage-industrial style.

Kelley & Company Home

These baskets are utilitarian in character but add to the style of the laundry room. Hanging them onto the wall saves floorspace and keeps things from looking cluttered.

Home & Harmony

Wooden apple baskets act as decorative accents and provide helpful storage when hung this way.

Baskets of Africa

16 Inch Bukedo & Raffia Bowl – $44.50

These baskets are handwoven by women in Rawanda, and they look smashing arranged in a set onto a wall.

Brook Farm General Store

Ash Basket – $125

Creels are a terrific way to add rustic cottage appeal to an area.

Sundance Catalog

Wire Baskets, Set of 2 – $68

These baskets resemble the vintage-modern one formerly shown. Hang them on the wall as shelves or even as interesting found objects (no one will understand you”found” them in the Sundance catalogue ).

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