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9 Flowers That Draw Butterflies

With spring blooms come the birds, butterflies and bees. Wherever you’re your local butterflies will crave the nectar out of your native flora. Here are a couple of of the crops I love to use in California to lure a visit from my fluttering buddies.

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Horse mint (Agastache urticifolia). Mature butterflies are mad with this fragrant flower.

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Silver Bush Lupine (Lupinus albifrons). Lupine is your butterfly hostess with the mostest. With lovely purple blooms, it is indigenous to the West Coast from Oregon down to Baja, Mexico, preferring dry locations. There are a whole plethora of native California butterflies which will reproduce only in Lupine! Among the loveliest is Mission Blue Butterfly, with delicate blue wings fringed with white and purple.

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Purple Sage (Salvia ‘Celestial Blue’). This hybrid enjoys extreme warmth and is great for the sunny areas of your backyard. Besides butterflies, swallowtails adore the nectar of its amazing blue blooms.

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When these blooms are lighter, they still do just fine!

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False or Desert Indigo (Amorpha fruticosa). If you are hoping to see what goes into the making of a blossom, plant False Indigo. Southern Dogface Butterfly larvae rely on it for food. Indigo thrives in Arizona, New Mexico and California, from San Diego to as far north as Riverside County.

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Desert Agave (Agave deserti). Agave’s spikes are dramatic, but where would be the blooms we all anticipate butterflies to love? Butterflies adore the little yellow flowers that emerge out of agave’s 15-foot blooming stems. Obviously, agaves love dry, exposed regions.

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Narrow-Leaf Milkweed (Asclepias fascicularis). If you live in a milder climate, milkweed might be more appropriate to your backyard. Its stomping grounds vary from Washington to Idaho, and from Oregon through California and into Mexico.

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California Yarrow (Achillea millefolium var. californica). Among the few plants which can tolerate swamps and it tolerates drought, yarrow enjoys an assortment of soil from clay to sandy loam — and the butterflies love it.

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Rabbitbrush (Chrysothamnus nauseosus). Rabbitbrush is indigenous to California and parts of Utah, in which the indigenous tribes say it saved the bunny from a fiery moon. It also provides a safe house for the Buckeye Butterfly.

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Joaquin Sunflower (Bidens laevis). This daring daisy attracts Mormon Metalmark and a variety of other butterflies. Can you imagine the stir that the friendly, yellow blooms of the daisy would cause if paired with a tiny lavender Lupine?

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Escape to the Tropics

Just for a second shut your eyes and transport yourself into a tropical locale. Take advantage of your creativity and inhale the ocean atmosphere, dine on the catch of the day, and sip on your preferred beachside drink — the one having a tiny umbrella.

I frequently remember encounters that way when I see houses with tropical decor. But chambers do not have to be decked out like the set of Gilligan’s Isle for my thoughts to drift. All it requires is only several essential components to prompt this kind of daydream. I invite you escape to the tropical zones with me and simply take a rest out of your everyday routine. If maybe you live in that clime, you will be reminded by this ideabook of your good luck.

Williams-Sonoma House

British Colonial decor is loaded with with tropical motifs. From prints featuring botanicals and unique fowl and flowering crops, this vignette offers an excellent beginning into a chamber that observes exotic quest.

Zuniga Interiors

A tray become a night stand as well as a headboard is an excellent catalyst to get a British Colonial divine bedroom. A sharp botanical print and places the mood for revery and wood board backdrop finishes the appearance.

Rough Linen

Return house in the ocean using a present. Weatherbeaten driftwood produces a headboard that is beautiful while the oyster shell windchime is a pleasant memento of a holiday that is relaxing.

Doyle McCullar Good Interiors

An oversize clamshell assumes the type of an attractive centerpiece.


In the context of a diverse modern combination, the clam-shell would direct me to suppose the venue of this glamorous house is in Miami or Palm Springs.

Allison Jaffe Home Design LLC

Have you been a shell collector? Corral your marine- inspired in a show to love even if your holiday isn’t in your close future.

Applegate Tran Interiors

What’s way better than having a chamber with sight lines going to the ocean? The solution would be having a chamber that opens to your balcony allowing the atmosphere to soak by means of your five senses.

Among the vibrant wood and neutral palette, the bamboo ceiling comes in in a near second-to the astounding views.

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