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Rule: No Dogs Allowed?

ers love their pets as much as — and sometimes more — than their houses. Pet guardians frequently treat their dogs as part of the family; for a lot of people, dogs are truly man’s best friend.

But not all homes welcome pooches and other critters, and hosts can be set in a difficult position when someone brings a dog to a party or arrives unannounced with a fur ball tucked inside a handbag. Some individuals can’t risk infection from animals; a few have furniture that’s too delicate for a rambunctious, chew-happy creature. There are allergies to take into account, or maybe there’s another creature in the house that seems aggressive or fearful around outside pets.

No matter the motive, the Emily Post Institute’s position is apparent about the”no dogs allowed” rule: You should remain upfront with your guests until they arrive. But if you are caught off guard by a furry friend on your doorstep, then know there are ways to honor your home and those inside without offending your guest and their four-legged friend.

The Brick House

Provide a chair. If your guest isn’t staying for an extended quantity of time and the dog poses no health or safety risks to anyone in the house, it really wouldn’t hurt to offer the pet a warm, comfortable seat in the house –preferably one that you are prepared to receive a little bit of dog hair on or one that’s simple to clean…

Kerrie L. Kelly

… like this particular leather bench. If Fido has a collision and you catch it early, just wipe off the mess with a couple paper towels and mild soap.

Permit some researching . Dogs are territorial and may want to explore the new terrain that is your residence. Let them. The sooner they sniff out every nook and cranny, the sooner they’ll calm down and feel comfortable in their environment.

This polished concrete floor would make both host and pooch pleased: Their paws can slip and slide on the surface, and scrape marks are easily lost in the design.

Dewson Construction Company

Those with mild wood floors may be warier of dog scrapes than those with darker floors; consumer appytrails says within this floor ideabook her pooch’s scrape marks blend well with dark oak floors, whereas scrape marks on her light maple floor showed from day one.


Provide outdoor access. Unless your four-legged guest is a lethargic dog like an English bulldog or a readily winded pug, he or she may prefer to stay outside, especially if it’s cooler or much more breezy than the inside.

gregory lens

Be ready for some digging around several hedges and bushes — it is just dirt. But if the dog leaves a smelly gift, it is absolutely fine to ask the guardian to scoop up the poop in a plastic bag. The Emily Post Institute says that as long as you ask politely, the guardian most likely won’t mind in any way.

Phil Kean Designs

Request the guardian to keep the dog leashed outside (weather permitting). As with all things, it is your house. If the dog is barking too much or for too long, then maybe it is ideal to move on the get-together to a neutral setting beyond your home.


Remember that if it is your furniture, then it is your call. This sectional probably looks like a large, inviting marshmallow mattress to your dog. It is up to you to allow the dog’s guardian know if you’re not comfortable with having dogs around the furniture or rugs. Though pet hairs will lift off easily in the cowhide rug in the image above, dog urine stains are an entirely different issue. Best to roll up the carpet until the dog leaves if you are not willing to hazard cleaning up following an crash.

Browse countless cowhide rug photographs

Crypton-treated furniture …

KuDa Photography

… and stain-resistant microfiber on some thing like this Ligne Roset Togo sectional make excellent options for homes that are expecting all sorts of company. Crypton and microfiber stop moisture, stains and germs from entering the fibers, allow for easy stain removal and come with cleansers that eliminate pet odors easily.

Martha O’Hara Interiors

Provide a cure. Interior designer Martha O’Hara says this fantastic Dane was combined for the entire photo shoot as long as snacks kept coming his way. Just as you’d provide young children and their parents a beverage or a bite, why not provide Fido a couple treats so he’ll be cooperative?

Tell us: What can you do when guests come back with pets? When family and friends come for an extended period, do you allow them bring their pets insist on a dog sitter?

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Living Rooms With a Private Stamp Of Design

“Make a list of what people typically do, and do the opposite,” says Simon Doonan, window dresser at Barneys New York. “You are bound to get some attention.” I couldn’t agree . It’s too easy to fill rooms up with catalogue looks, which may come together very nicely but overlook a bit of soul.

Before this week I wrote about putting a personal stamp on your bedroom. This week I am turning to the living room, where you can showcase a distinctive sense of style with inspirational finds, precious heirlooms, artful wall remedies and much more.

Tobi Fairley Interior Design

Insert colorful, personalized artwork. These framed silhouettes from poppin’ colors make me think the people who live here have fun characters.

Vanessa De Vargas

Use head-turning color. Dark pink is an unexpected conclusion that turns these lamp bases from lighting to palaces. I am a whole spray-can girl, so this notion makes me wonder what I might be able to paint to get an exclamation point in a room.

Janell Beals – House of Fifty

Bring in a captivating wall layout. Create a distinctive focal point using a stencil design or background over a fireplace or behind a couch.

CIH Design

Insert a light with character. A chandelier is also an unexpected touch at a living room. Mix it with rustic pieces to display your glam-yet-country side.

Studio Marcelo Brito

Group images on a theme. Collect framed pieces along with other finds on a gallery wall which expresses something about who you are. Organize them close together vs. around the space for increased impact.

Rough Linen

Go large. Create a conversation starter with large scale jagged pieces on a wall.

Interior Design Philosophy

Insert the unexpected. What a personal statement this gathered paper look is! Lit up from below with lighting, it generates popping texture.

A Beach Cottage

Rather than using conventional end tables to your couch, add another type of accent table, such as a tiny dresser. You receive more storage out of it, also.

The Lettered Cottage

Re-imagine your coffee table. Try a fresh end and change up the decor pieces on top.

Klang & Associates

Pair accent tables or garden stools instead of a coffee table.

Get diverse. Pair modern with rustic, new with old.

Jeanette Lunde

In the artwork on the walls to the furniture pieces, do not choose decor based on a specific style, but on what makes you smile.

LDa Architecture & Interiors

Move bold. This room features fabulous, high-end style. The use of this black wall, intriguing artwork, and black trim and flooring molding is a creative move.

American & Global Designs, Inc..

Consider a window treatment which captures your character. Pick something large in scale along with a stunning color that is totally you.

Echelon Custom Homes

Sunny walls, eclectic decor along with a bold mixture of layouts showcase this homeowner’s character. Here is somebody not afraid to take chances.

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