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Spool Furniture Stacks Up Style

Spool furniture gained fame in the 18th century, but like most great furniture fashions of European source, you will find modern translations. Upgraded versions of spool design (also called spindle design) could be seen these days in benches, side tables, lamps and chairs. The appearance can vary radically with cloth and complete, and distinct looks create their own kick for transitional, modern and traditional spaces.

The allure of spool furniture is simply in the insistent ball pattern that provides a textural and whimsical layer to a room. Here are some especially gratifying ways designers are using spool furniture now.

LDa Architecture & Interiors

Within this contemporary-style area, the black seat with white upholstery adds play.

J. Hirsch Interior Design

A similarly constructed seat is completely transformed with white paint and neutral upholstery. Notice how soft and feminine it looks in this traditional setting.

Charmean Neithart Interiors

Try a bolt seat at a desk instead of a chair. This classic bench proved to be a great selection for double-wide chairs in this British colonial–style desk.

Martha O’Hara Interiors

This petite desk chair has only a touch of spool construction on its front legs. I would consider this space to be transitional because of this detail; with no, it would feel traditional.

Kate Jackson Design

Here a pair of spool chairs adds a wonderful visual line of repetition. Repeated spool detail on seats, repeated seats … the eye enjoys this formula. Notice that the great contrast of the green and black palette also.

Tara Bussema – Neat Organization and Design

Quick color change to white for these dining chairs and you’ve got instant modern detail. I love the comparison of the seats against the grey walls. This is precisely what I’d refer to as “soft modern.” The modern lines are there, but they’re softened by feel and slipcovers. Very California.

Patrick Sutton Associates

One great advantage with a spool-style seat is how great it appears from the trunk. The textural back makes this seat versatile for placement.

Anthony Baratta LLC

The spool detail in this petite end table is replicated in the stairs detailing. This table, such as the architectural details in the remainder of this area, is powerful but toned down with a very simple shade. This traditional space feels quite refreshing and curated with a couple stately pieces.

Inform us : How does this furniture detail interpret for you — modern, traditional or transitional? Tell us in the Comments section.

Celebrating a Classic: Spool-Turned Furniture

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Step Inside (and Out) a New Florida Showhouse

This year’s showcase home in 2012 International Builders Show is without a doubt a celebration of the Florida lifestyle. Designed around a central courtyard, pool and terrace, it features big glass walls that slide and fold out of the way, balconies accessible from bedrooms, and retractable screens to keep the bugs away. It all makes for this barefoot lifestyle that people in temperate climates like.

This year’s showhouse, designed and built by architect Phil Kean in Winter Park, Florida, is the tiniest “New American Home” showcased by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) within many years. However, at nearly 4,200 square feet of living area, the home is — as showhomes have a tendency to be — substantially larger than the typical American residence.

But despite its bigger size, the home includes a comfortable scale and intimate quality. The big spaces in the main degree can easily accommodate a large celebration, but aren’t overwhelming when occupied by only one or two people. The home is on an infill lot in walking distance of Rollins College, the Winter Park public library along with the Winter Park downtown region. It’s simple to image the household living in this house infrequently needing to use any of those three cars that may fit in the garage.

In a walk-to-everything place and with the incorporation of many energy saving and sustainable products and technology, it is no wonder that the home has many certifications including the USGBC LEED-H Platinum.

More Concerning the International Builders Show | More regional modern home design

Phil Kean Designs

Like all good Florida houses, outdoor spaces are a part of the living area. Front door, on the left side of this photo, doesn’t result in an interior room but rather into the open atmosphere “lanai” (that the Floridian term for a screened space) with family space on one side along with a pool and terrace on the other.

Phil Kean Designs

The home’s architectural inspiration stems from mid-century modernism in general and also the Sarasota School in particular. This is no more obvious than on the very front, street-side of the home. Architect Kean refers to the home as “a reinterprtation of this Classical White Box.”

A lot of this home was built with insulated concrete forms (ICFs). This sort of structure, which has concrete positioned between boards of Styrofoam or similar insulating material, yields a more energy-efficient home. The bulk of the concrete also keeps most of the surrounding sound from the interior.

Phil Kean Designs

Among the major living areas on the main level is that the gallery situated on the western edge of their property. This room doesn’t have windows to the west to avoid heat from the day and evening sun, as well as to provide privacy from the adjacent alley.

A large set of glass doors reverse this wall can be pushed out of the way to connect this space to the patio and pool.

Phil Kean Designs

A large family room is to the left upon entering the home. This chamber has a kitchen area at one end, stair into the upper layer in the opposite end, built-in storage, fireplace and entertainment centre at one side and glass doors to the terrace and pool in the other side.

Phil Kean Designs

Glass doors open the living room into the pool area. Retractable and aerodynamic displays can be lowered from the ceiling to keep out insects.

Phil Kean Designs

The stair reverse that the kitchen is a sculptural element in the area, appearing as stacked blocks zig-zagging their way down and up.

Large windows across the front provide ample natural light into the stairway and family room.

Phil Kean Designs

A large drop-down screen comes down from the ceiling if it’s movie time. This screen is visible in the pool and terrace area so it’ll be outside movie night when the weather is correct and the doors are available. A wonderful spot to get this Superbowl party.

Phil Kean Designs

The working and visible portion of the kitchen is maintained minimal and spare. A block-like island with sink and a cooktop with sculptural hood nearby is everything you see.

Phil Kean Designs

Everything else is hidden behind cabinetry and down a hallway resulting in the side lawn and garage.

Phil Kean Designs

In the side yard, a pet shower stands in the ready to clean off our best friends.

Phil Kean Designs

The dining area fills the corner in which the gallery and kitchen spaces come together. Walls of glass doors slide away to start up the interior to the outside.

Natural stone floor starts outside the front door and proceeds throughout the primary level. Laid in strips, the flooring has some of the overall look of a wood flooring while being more durable.

Phil Kean Designs

A table with integral water feature sits in one corner of the terrace and patio area. Water flows through the 2 pieces of glass that form the tabletop.

Phil Kean Designs

An outdoor kitchen lies on the opposite corner of the terrace and patio area. With this kitchen, the kitchen, a small kitchen in the pub and also a small kitchen space in the upstairs master suite, the prospective owners of this show house will never be too far from food and beverage!

Phil Kean Designs

Also located on the primary level: a bedroom, an office, a full bath and 2 powder rooms …

Phil Kean Designs

… a research using its own tub …

Phil Kean Designs

… which is available to the terrace and patio area.

Phil Kean Designs

To reach the upper level, you may take either stairs or this elevator — a wonderful feature for people who want to remain in the home well into older age.

Phil Kean Designs

Upstairs, a loft space and balcony adjacent to the master bedroom is the best place to see a novel or watch tv if you want some quiet alone time.

Phil Kean Designs

The exercise area has access to the master bedroom balcony and its own bath. Floor-to-ceiling windows causes it to be a bright and light area to work up some sweat.

Phil Kean Designs

Also adjacent to the loft area is the 12’x17′ master bedroom.

Phil Kean Designs

This bedroom resides quite large, as a result of its balcony. Just create yourself a cup of java in the adjoining kitchen space and sit to the balcony to appreciate this glorious, “good morning, Florida” weather.

Phil Kean Designs

The master bath has two closets at each end, a small kitchen, full-size tub, walk-in cupboard, bathroom area and a double vanity. Also accessible from the master bath is a big laundry area complete with a fold-down entry centre.

Phil Kean Designs

The shower features a bench, linear drain, hand-held wands in addition to a rain head and side wall sprays. A pretty nice showering experience for certain!

Phil Kean Designs

Though connected to the grid, the home does incorporate several solar energy items, such as these collectors.

Phil Kean Designs

An emergency power generator is ready for those times during hurricane season when the electric grid may be down.

Phil Kean Designs

The main level plan shows the property’s courtyard design, together with the pool, patio and lanai in the centre — all outside spaces. (North is to the right of this plan.) On the left is the family members and kitchen areas, and in the top is the gallery.

Phil Kean Designs

The upper level consists of the loft, workout area and master bedroom plus bathroom. The big rectangle near the peak of the plan is that the gallery ceiling.

More on the International Builders Show

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Easy Wall D├ęcor: Beautiful Baskets

If you are looking for an interesting alternative to more conventional functions of art, open your eyes to other items. Consider baskets; they also add unique shapes and textures to a space, and hanging them on the walls will make you see them in a brand new way. Here’s a glance at baskets can glow in a variety of rooms.

Liz Williams Interiors

This classic cigarette basket adds texture to the white area between the headboard and the ceiling. A simple search of”cigarette basket” brings up a great deal of options; you can score one for around $150.

See the rest of the coastal home

Liz Williams Interiors

Seeing this film gave me an aha! Design instant, as I have one of those vintage French munitions baskets and may never quite produce the ideal location for this. It does not take away from the curved mirrors, and its black writing and tan colour coordinate well with the room’s colour scheme.

Katerina Tana Design

This basket was created by artist Jonathan Kline. The piece is the best scale in proportion to the mattress and the wall and introduces intriguing texture and pattern to the space.

Katerina Tana Design

The other woven tray by Kline adorns exactly the same across the bed area in precisely the exact same cottage, this one fitting nicely into a more compact area.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

Tobacco baskets work well in living rooms and family rooms as well. Their slats create a unique pattern on the wall.

Frederick + Frederick Architects

Here the basket is a rustic focus across the fireplace.

An oval bread jar is an accent above a dining room sideboard.

Tracery Interiors

This wire basket adds to the kitchen’s vintage-industrial style.

Kelley & Company Home

These baskets are utilitarian in character but add to the style of the laundry room. Hanging them onto the wall saves floorspace and keeps things from looking cluttered.

Home & Harmony

Wooden apple baskets act as decorative accents and provide helpful storage when hung this way.

Baskets of Africa

16 Inch Bukedo & Raffia Bowl – $44.50

These baskets are handwoven by women in Rawanda, and they look smashing arranged in a set onto a wall.

Brook Farm General Store

Ash Basket – $125

Creels are a terrific way to add rustic cottage appeal to an area.

Sundance Catalog

Wire Baskets, Set of 2 – $68

These baskets resemble the vintage-modern one formerly shown. Hang them on the wall as shelves or even as interesting found objects (no one will understand you”found” them in the Sundance catalogue ).

Got Stuff? Turn it Into Decor
Vintage Modern Elements: Telephones
A World View: Decorating With Maps

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Getting the Room Right: Part I

We see beautifully designed rooms every day here on Houzz, and the rooms beneath aren’t any exception. Each is a shining example of exceptional design.

If you have already been working on your very own interior decor, but simply don’t appear to have the ability to get it directly, then you may have made one — or two, or even seven — of the top 10 decorating mistakes. Read on to see exactly what the first five of those mistakes are — and Houzz designers’ illustrations of decor done right!

More: Obtaining the Room Right: Part II

PHX Architecture

Look how beautifully these drapery panels allow the complete width of glass to reveal. Who’d want to cover one more inch of those beautiful windows and lovely view than they needed to? These draperies are perfectly sized and placed.

This avoids Mistake No. 1: Poorly placed or sized window treatments.

The remainder of this list may be in no particular order, but I admit that this mistake is my own number-one pet peeve and most likely the mistake I really do see most often.

Drapery rods end only at the edge of this window so that when the panels have been pushed all the way open, they nevertheless cover quite a bit of the glass. If you would like to maintain as much light as you can, use a pole that extends beyond the sides of your window from the complete width that the panels take up when pushed all the way open. That width is known as the”stack.”

How many inches wider than the window that your rods will need to be depends upon how wide the panels are, what type of cloth is used, and the type of attachment to the pole — grommets, metal or wooden rings, tab tops and so forth.

These fresh, white drapery panels are perfect. The sliding doors are most likely the normal 80″ height, but the panels are hung all the way up at ceiling height, drawing up your eye and accentuating the height of this space. They’re also the perfect length, only skimming over the floor so that they don’t get worn since they are opened and closed.

When the tops of the panels were hung as I often see them just over the top of the doorways — they’d draw the eye reduced and give the impression of a lower room height. For working drapery panels, they ought to only skim over the floor so that they don’t get worn opened and closed.

If you’re putting up ornamental panels which don’t move, then they can simply touch the floor, or if you like the appearance, you can puddle them liberally on the floor.

sarah & bendrix

This chamber using this little gal in her pink skirt looks casual, inviting and full of joy. What a cutie! It looks like the sofa is upholstered in a good excellent microfiber, which is nearly indestructible and very simple to wash.

This avoids Mistake No. 2: Choosing materials, finishes or furniture which will not hold up to your lifestyle.

Life really is too short to spend it fretting about each spill or sticky little hand.
Even though it might mean you have to give up the idea of a white couch, or invest more to get better quality and more durability, then it is worth the investment to select materials, finishes and furniture which let you relax and be yourself.

Robert Granoff

Recall your four-legged family members when it comes to deciding on furnishings. Fur can be easily wiped off of leather, although you want to keep claws trimmed. The darkened area rug is a good choice around pets and kids, also.

Dick Clark + Associates

This chamber is an exceptional case of a well-lit space. Look at all the resources of light! There are ceiling lighting for general ambient light. Up-lights mounted on the wall send mild into the ceiling. The stair risers have lighting to make it simple to watch your step. Table lamps provide cushioned accent lighting and are a good height for reading too. There are spotlights on each and every piece of art.

You might also see that in the dining room, you will find spots set to graze the walls, highlighting its feel, plus a chandelier over the dining table and accent lighting within the display cases. And don’t forget the candles on the coffee table! The combination of all these lighting sources gives a richly layered appearance to the room.

This avoids Mistake No. 3: Inadequate lighting.

I often see houses which have all ceiling lighting, but no other light sources. Or completely no ceiling fixtures and only one or two table or floor lamps with dark colors. Neither situation provides all the light that you will need.

A great lighting plan incorporates surrounding light from ceiling or wall fittings as well as natural light from windows, plus job lighting which may be for reading or food prep if it is the kitchen. And lighting doesn’t feel complete without some accent lighting such as pretty chandeliers, decorative table lamps or lighting on art.

Wen-Di Interiors

This furniture arrangement indicates a comfortable conversation area. All the chairs is close enough so that you can sit and speak to each other comfortably. The living area is fairly narrow, yet each piece of furniture has a little breathing room. The couch has a console table supporting it permitting a few accessories to be placed there for interest.

The seats have been pulled forward enough to allow the drapes to maneuver freely. The narrow, oval coffee table allows lots of space between it and the chairs, while still being within easy reach to put beverages.

This avoids Mistake No. 4: Pushing furniture back against the walls and also far apart from each other.

A lot of people could have taken one look at this living area and shoved their couch back against the wall along with the seats all the way back into the drapes with a big coffee table in the center.

Rooms really look larger when the furniture is a little bit away from the wall — even though there is not enough space to walk behind the furniture. If your couch is shoved all the way into the wall, then put down your laptop, go pull your couch about 6″-8″ forward and see whether that doesn’t make the space feel somewhat better.

I’d rather use a rectangular or oval table and have my furniture a little further forward than to have a bigger coffee table together with the furniture tight against the wall.

Conversation can be more comfortable once the furniture is nearer into each other.

Heather Garrett Design

Even once you have a very large room like this where you could have your furniture considerably further back without being against a wall, then pull your bits of furniture forward around the coffee table to permit people to converse comfortably. It will make the room feel much more romantic.

Angelica Henry Design

The dining chairs in this stunningly lovely dining area seem very comfortable! The padded leather seats look soft, and the high, gently curved, fully upholstered backs look like they give lots of support. Fantastic for lingering to talk over dessert. I hope it is creme brulee!

This avoids Mistake No. 5: Uncomfortable dining seats.

Dining seats ought to be so comfortable that you can have a relaxing dinner, dessert and coffee without anybody feeling like they can barely wait to get up from the table since their rear or posterior has had enough of this chair.

The entire point of having a formal dining area is to have wonderfully fun meals with friends and family. If you’re uncomfortable before you have savored the very last bite, then your seats aren’t a deal at any price.

This is simply the first half of my list of most common decorating mistakes. Have a look at Part 2 for assistance on another five stumbling blocks to great design.

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Bedroom Artwork Walls

I chose to see what cases of artwork hung on Houzz I really could locate in bedrooms as I edit through stacks of photos and artwork in training for hanging an artwork wall within my master master suite. With such impressive work being featured with this website I was not dissatisfied.

From diverse to classic, determining what artwork is suitable to to hold in a bedroom is an extremely personal selection. When done properly it is an inspirational addition to the area the day where we shut down.

Blount Architectural and Home Design

Artwork hung above a desk consistently appears to appear right. Here the golden frameworks that are toned hark back to finishes in the area, with one picture duplicating the bright color of the curtains. This can be a great instance of an art wall that ties in wonderfully with all the room layout.

Is this group of artwork hung above and beside a mattress whole, or can it be an ever group that will continue to propagate over the walls? I really like the inclusion of the picture that is very tall as well as the arbitrary feeling of the pictures on the right.

National Narratives with Ivy

If this artwork wall is really in a bedroom is not clear, but the picture was expressed via by the tranquil would fit a bedroom perfectly. The dull colour palette of artwork and the area accentuate the soft disposition, further strengthened by the decision to make use of white frameworks which fade to the wall.

Emphases of blue are scattered all through this chamber, in the artwork, the bedclothes as well as the hearth display. This diverse layout implies the the bed room belongs to a fascinating man who has diverse interests.

The Lettered Cottage

Here is an alternative group that would likely continue to increase. A mix of brown, black and white frames feature expressions and pictures that are all in the exact same tone. The ending result is a skill wall that manages to be fascinating without taking it around, while melding to the area layout.

Amazing Play. Every inch of the darkish deep blue partitions encircling a canopy mattress are coated in artwork. Drapery panels and the navy, which framework the bed, reflect whites present and the wall colour in the art. A cocoon of coziness is established. The consequence is continued using a navy settee place in the base of the of the bed along with the drapes in the window. Orange emphases seen on pillow, the coverlet and lantern include only the correct pop of colour that is brilliant. Can you inform I adore how incredibly thought out this layout is?!

I’m finding that most of the artwork walls whom I find attractive are really composed of an assortment of framed artwork including little pieces and letters, as well as other things. This is an ideal example using a lively nature, accentuated by the vivid colours seen the chicken hovering to the left of the mattress as well as the joyful yellowish bedframe, in the artwork.

Roger Hirsch Architect

This vignette is in fact found in a room that was living, but I simply needed to contain it here, s O let us fake it’s in a bedroom. By setting the ledge over the outstanding piece of furniture, a graphical makeup is perhaps not only created but is an excellent solution allowing the homeowner to re-arrange what’s showcased, incorporating pictures on an impulse and depriving them of.


In order to avoid the issue of an artwork wall in a bedroom countering a restful feeling, ensure it remains straightforward. Choose a framework fashions that are straightforward in finishes that are similar and function pictures which can be alike in tone or colour. Using black and white photos that have specific significance would have been an ideal selection.

Laura Britt Style

Graphics ordered in a grid-pattern is an excellent approach to hang artwork in a normal bedroom and generates a proper appearance.

Blount Architectural and Interiordesign

Here is still another instance of a skill wall that isn’t hung in a bedroom, but again allow simply suppose it could be. While the frameworks would be the part that changes from picture to picture the pictures all share the same tone and colour. A mild fixture that is sculptural becomes an integral part of the group. This, as well as the frameworks hung around a a large part, develop an appearance that is dynamic.

Kanner Architects – CLOSED

The manly and clear lines with this layout are appealing. The peak of the chamber is produced mo Re apparent from the glass framework across the glass enclosure as well as the entranceway behind which I suppose is a toilet and outstanding. The manner in which artwork is exhibited in this bedroom took its its direct from these characteristics. The ledges make use of the peak with things and pictures ordered just across the shelves.