Bath rooms having a View

Now, I am maybe not recommending mooning your neighbours (though a number of them may deserve it!). Before we have tended to conceal our toilets having a dearth of glass block and windows. For people that have neighbors nearby, there are not obvious windows unavailable where you are able to see out but no one is able to see in. Needless to say, in the event you reside at the center of nowhere, there’s little should spend the dollars on glass that is technologically sophisticated

Being in a position to benefit from the trees, the lake, as well as the light while washing is an excessive treat that feels just a little bit naughty. Take a look at some amazing toilets which can be flooded with sun light light and offer stunning views.

James Cleary Architecture

I do believe this may be the toilet I Have actually noticed. Why squander that million dollar view of the lake on a toilet?


Look carefully for the shower heads right in the front of the window. Is not it amazing that the bath has a view of a watertower? Poetry!

This shower has a tree house sense.

Kanner Architects – SHUT

A pool as well as mountains see – excellent to consider while using a a soothing soak.

Laura Britt Design

This toilet feels feels as though it is almost in the courtyard.

Eck | MacNeely inc.

A water as well as trees see beyond, along with clean air in the windows get this one toilet that is exquisite.

CWB Architects

Bosworth Hoedemaker

The obvious glass shower divider makes it looks considerably larger and opens up the view to the whole room.

Carson Poetzl, Inc.

I actually can not stand the phrase “zen” thrown around in layout-talk, but I am presuming I I can not aid myself from declaring it about this Asian-inspired toilet.

Carson Poetzl, Inc.

Protections cover Solitude problems in this toilet that was light.

Symbol Brand Architecture

A translucent/clear window blend functions nicely here.

Schwartz and Architecture

This one performs with foil and light.

Feldman Architecture, Inc.

Light is borrowed by this bath from an adjoining room.

Sutton Suzuki Architects

SB Architects

Ah, should it not have any partitions, is it nevertheless a “bath”? This outside tub proves it could be!

Garret Cord Werner Architects & Inside Designers

Sunterra Custom Homes