Sift During 8 Stylish Sandboxes

When it comes to garden playtime, children do not need a whole lot of bells and whistles. Take sandboxes, such as — tots are perfectly happy with a couple primary boards nailed to a square and stuffed using the powdery stuff. You, on the other hand, might like something a little more refined to elevate the appearance of your picture. Have a look at these inventive sandbox suggestions to create a kid-friendly play zone with grown-up allure.

Globus Builder

This arrangement appears simple but packs in quite a bit of function. The benches on each side keep little tushes out of the sand and offer a place for parents to perch also, and the roof shelters children from a lot of sun.

Together with the cover on, this sandbox looks like a detail. However, the cover’s role goes beyond beauty — it also protects the sand from cats or other animals who may treat it as a litter box, and shields it from fall leaves and spring rains.

Exteriorscapes llc

This sandbox is wrapped beneath a arrangement that looks like a child’s own beach cabana. Removable grates on top of the box make it easy to sift out debris and keep out critters.

Agnes Blum

Coupled with sand, a boat-shaped wooden box becomes a playspace which kindles the imagination on multiple levels.

Stout Design-Build

Here’s 1 approach to guarantee a soft landing! Kids can zoom down the slip into a pit of sand that is ready and waiting for playtime.


Though its design is streamlined, this sunken sandbox is oriented along the walkway so thoughtfully that it becomes an essential component of the hardscaping.

Garden design perth

An accomplishment of green design as well as visual appeal, this trio of industrial-size water drums includes a sandy place for teeny-tinies to relish.

This free-form sand pit appears to flow like water along the stones that surround it.

Sandbox Safety
After your sand-filled setup is ready for playtime, follow these ideas to keep little ones safe:

• Replace sand at least one time every year. Old sand may harbor bacteria that lingers throughout the off season.
• Be mindful of the sand you decide on. Some varieties contain crystalline silica, a carcinogenic compound, so look for manufacturers which are marked “silica free.” River or shore sand is generally fine, and businesses like Safe Sand offer great options too.
• Have your sandbox fitted with a pay to ward off pets and wildlife and keep sand warm during rainy days. If sand does get wet, let it dry completely before you replace the cover.
• Aerate sand occasionally using a trowel or rake to test for garbage and other debris.
• Always supervise sandbox playtime, particularly for younger children who may be tempted to taste the contents.

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