The best way to Convert An Integrated Tub to Shower with the Adjustable Shower, amp & Slide Bar Hand; Showerhead

A showerhead with the adjustable slide bar provides the advantages of a hand-held one you could use while sitting on a seat and a set head under which it is possible to stand. The slide bar of all versions replaces the present fixed showerhead and doubles as the water-supply for the showerhead. You might you may have to to retro-fit the pipes behind the wall in case your bathtub does not currently have a shower, and you will want a valve capable of redirecting water from the bathtub spout to a spout or the shower with an integral diverter.

Remove and unscrew the present shower arm having some of slide-lock pliers.

Wind conduit tape around both ends of a 1/2-inch brass nipple and use the pliers to screw it in to the opening behind the wall from The nipple ought to be long enough so that 9/16 inches of thread protrude beyond the the top of wall when it’s completely tightened. Cover the conclusion of the nipple using a rag so you do not harm the screw threads while it tightens.

Screw the offer elbow which is included onto another end of the nipple with all the shower assembly and tighten it. Cover the elbow using a rag so that it isn’t damaged by you !

Join the mounts and showerhead to the shower bar and place the bar-on the wall. Although some possess a connection that enables them to be counter the pub on some versions have to be right below the elbow. Join the bar to the elbow in line with the directions which include the assembly. Sometimes, you only twist them together.

Plumb the bar using a degree and make marks to contain the the mounts. Drill a 3/16-inch hole for each screw. You’ll be able to drive the screws that support the the bar right to the stud in the event the pub is in entrance of a stud. When there’s not a stud, drill the holes with a 1/2-inch drill-bit s O you can anchor it with

Attach with bolts by tapping on the sleeve of every one in to among the 1/2-inch holes. Drive the device screw which comes to the sleeve to support the mount together with the bolt.

When installing the baron a tile wall, use wall anchors. Drill 1/4-inch holes with a masonry drill bit, tap the anchors in to the holes and screw the brackets to

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