The best way to Create a Beaded Ceiling Light Fixture Cover

Sparkly beads will add a protect into a bulb ceiling light fixture. Fabric provide shops provide a broad assortment of trim, which provides a time-saving aspect that is considerable to the task. The ceiling light fixture cover may serve as a unique addition above a table or bed and will add beauty to your powder room or hall way. Constructing the uncomplicated beaded ceiling light fixture could serve as a fun task to get a teen-ager, including an artistic individual declaration to the teen’s bedroom.

Remove a lampshade’s material with scissors, leaving just the steel body.

Measure of the lampshade with all the tape measure across the big wire circle. Cut a bit of fringe to the measurement.

Attach the fringe to the big wire circle of the body using the hot-glue gun, attaching an inch of fringe in an occasion and moving gradually with all the gun.

Measure and cut a bit of beaded fringe to the dimensions of the lampshade’s smaller wire circle. Attach the fringe to the circle gradually using the hot-glue gun.

Stand on a ladder and support the the big wire circle of the body from the ceiling across the lamp fixture and mark three places across the body on the ceiling using a pencil.

Screw in cup-hooks in the three places that are marked. Hook the big wire circle of the finished ceiling light fixture cover on the cup-hooks.

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