The best way to Prune & #3 4; Saxifraga & #3 4;Peterpan

Peter Pan saxifraga (Saxifraga moschata “Peter Pan”) is an evergreen plant with two levels of curiosity to improve the very entrance of a border or brighten a rock-garden. The plant is in the “mossy” branch of the big Saxifraga family. Unlike wide-leaved types including the frequent Saxifraga stolonifera or the Saxifraga californica, Peter Pan and moss Saxifraga kind cushions of lobed, bright-green foliage, only 3″ tall, that seems like succulents or moss unless seen carefully. Slender 1 2-inch stems rise from this -inch pink-to-white flowers in mid-spring. Minimum pruning is required by keeping this plant seeking its finest.

Wipe the blades using a rag down. This removes the potential for spreading fungi or illness from the plant you pruned using the shears for your Peter Pan saxifraga.

Following the blooms have faded, clip the stems off just over the foliage. Clippings in the compost pile to keep the area free and clear from particles that may harbor diseases and insects.

Examine the foliage of the plant and clip off in the bottom or dig out using a little trowel any clumps which have died off due to extremely dry conditions from being excessively moist or rotted — both problems are noted like Peter Pan, with saxifraga. Dispose of removed foliage in the pile.

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