Succulent Ground Cover Plants

Plants consist of more than 50 genera. Many kinds make perfect groundcover for their drought-tolerant qualities. They function nicely as crops that are xeriscaping. The bulk of floor addresses that are succulent WOn’t endure foot-traffic, but need little maintenance and supply landscaping advantages that are other, while adding elegance to your own space. The climates zones of sunset differ by plant, although succulents are native to warm, frost free, dry climates floor addresses will prosper in moist conditions.

Low Upkeep

One advantage of floor addresses that are succulent is their need for upkeep that is small. Little treatment is required by most, but for a mild feeding once a year in the begin of the period as well as the elimination of dead flowers. Floor addresses that are succulent are usually pest and disease tolerant and free of poor soil. Many withstand fluctuations in climates and temperatures — from warm spells. Miniature blue chalksticks (Senecio serpens) are one type of succulent that tolerates cooler climates down to the mid20s Fahrenheit. It’s an instance of a cold-hardy, low-maintenance succulent groundcover for the environment zones of Sunset 21 and 16, 17 .

Drought Tolerant and Xeriscaping

Succulent floor handles’ drought-tolerant characteristics make them perfect xeriscaping crops. In a few areas, water limitations have been in place, making it important to seek out. Succulent floor stems handles shop water in their own roots or leaves, decreasing the quantity of water required. Sedum, also called stonecrop, provides several types that tolerate a variety of temperatures and soils. English stonecrop (s. anglicum) is one of these; it’s a reduced-expanding, drought-tolerant, succulent ground-cover hardy in Sun Set environment zones 1 through 2-4.


Floor handles that are succulent offer visible curiosity, even when maybe not in bloom. The numerous species provide eyecatching textures, a broad-variety of designs and a variety of foliage that is coloured to fillin areas between stepping-stones or generate geometric styles in gardens. Many types of ice crops choke out weeds and create colourful blooms. One often developed succulent groundcover, Cooper’s ice plant (D. cooperi), generates showy, cylindrical leaves and purple flowers all summer long in Sunset’s environment zones 2 through 2 4.

Fire Resistance

Homeowners in locations which might be susceptible to fires that are wild require to consider pre-Cautions to keep their houses risk-free. Along with utilizing fireresistant constructing components, crops which might be fire resistant inside their landscaping can be used by homeowners. They do supply a fuel split to to dam the residence from in Tense warmth while the crops aren’t fireproof. Varieties of Sempervivum, such as the cobweb houseleek (S. arachnoideum), supply some slack to safeguard domiciles in hearth-prone places in Sunset’s environment zones 2 through 2 4.

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