The best way to Paint a Completed Pine Dresser

It’s possible for you to paint a completed piece of furniture, including a dresser, with any colour you want. In case your pine is is completed using a stain, the piece will be totally transformed by implementing a white or mild paint to the finish. Painting completed pine is an outstanding solution to re-purpose old furniture which you may otherwise discard. Prepping and priming before painting are crucial to attaining the the greatest outcomes and so are particularly important in case your goal will be to change the dresser’s colour significantly, for example from a deep-brown end to white enamel.

Place a tarp beneath the the dresser to safeguard the ground. Remove all the dresser’s drawers, then remove and reserve the drawer pulls and any other components.

Add a little amount of vegetable oil-based cleaner meant into a bucket of water for wood. Dip a sponge or rag to the water and clear all surfaces of the dresser. Dry using a soft fabric.

Lightly sand the dresser’s area with 220-grit sandpaper to assist the new paint stick. If any components of the area are chipped or flaking, use a more heavy 100-grit sandpaper first smooth the rough edges with the finer sandpaper away. You’re not seeking to eliminate the the final; you’re roughing it up and providing a basis to the primer. Wipe away all traces of dirt and grit using a clean, moist cloth.

Apply a coat of paint primer having a medium or tiny paint-brush. In case your goal will be to produce a darkish dresser really mild or white, utilize another coat of primer. It’s better to use two or three-light coats of primer somewhat than one hefty coat. Follow the product’s instructions about the a mount of drying time required before painting.

Open a can of latex enamel paint and sti-R it completely using a paint stick. Pour a little amount of the paint right into a paint t-Ray. Use a clean, dry paint-brush to use a mild coat of the paint. Allow it to dry for a-T least two hrs, or as directed on the paint can. Apply a light that is second coat, permitting it to dry. Should you be changing the dresser’s colour significantly, it could require a third and potentially a fourth coat for full protection.

Reattach the drawer pulls and re-insert the drawers following the last coat of paint h-AS dried completely.

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