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Bedroom Artwork Walls

I chose to see what cases of artwork hung on Houzz I really could locate in bedrooms as I edit through stacks of photos and artwork in training for hanging an artwork wall within my master master suite. With such impressive work being featured with this website I was not dissatisfied.

From diverse to classic, determining what artwork is suitable to to hold in a bedroom is an extremely personal selection. When done properly it is an inspirational addition to the area the day where we shut down.

Blount Architectural and Home Design

Artwork hung above a desk consistently appears to appear right. Here the golden frameworks that are toned hark back to finishes in the area, with one picture duplicating the bright color of the curtains. This can be a great instance of an art wall that ties in wonderfully with all the room layout.

Is this group of artwork hung above and beside a mattress whole, or can it be an ever group that will continue to propagate over the walls? I really like the inclusion of the picture that is very tall as well as the arbitrary feeling of the pictures on the right.

National Narratives with Ivy

If this artwork wall is really in a bedroom is not clear, but the picture was expressed via by the tranquil would fit a bedroom perfectly. The dull colour palette of artwork and the area accentuate the soft disposition, further strengthened by the decision to make use of white frameworks which fade to the wall.

Emphases of blue are scattered all through this chamber, in the artwork, the bedclothes as well as the hearth display. This diverse layout implies the the bed room belongs to a fascinating man who has diverse interests.

The Lettered Cottage

Here is an alternative group that would likely continue to increase. A mix of brown, black and white frames feature expressions and pictures that are all in the exact same tone. The ending result is a skill wall that manages to be fascinating without taking it around, while melding to the area layout.

Amazing Play. Every inch of the darkish deep blue partitions encircling a canopy mattress are coated in artwork. Drapery panels and the navy, which framework the bed, reflect whites present and the wall colour in the art. A cocoon of coziness is established. The consequence is continued using a navy settee place in the base of the of the bed along with the drapes in the window. Orange emphases seen on pillow, the coverlet and lantern include only the correct pop of colour that is brilliant. Can you inform I adore how incredibly thought out this layout is?!

I’m finding that most of the artwork walls whom I find attractive are really composed of an assortment of framed artwork including little pieces and letters, as well as other things. This is an ideal example using a lively nature, accentuated by the vivid colours seen the chicken hovering to the left of the mattress as well as the joyful yellowish bedframe, in the artwork.

Roger Hirsch Architect

This vignette is in fact found in a room that was living, but I simply needed to contain it here, s O let us fake it’s in a bedroom. By setting the ledge over the outstanding piece of furniture, a graphical makeup is perhaps not only created but is an excellent solution allowing the homeowner to re-arrange what’s showcased, incorporating pictures on an impulse and depriving them of.


In order to avoid the issue of an artwork wall in a bedroom countering a restful feeling, ensure it remains straightforward. Choose a framework fashions that are straightforward in finishes that are similar and function pictures which can be alike in tone or colour. Using black and white photos that have specific significance would have been an ideal selection.

Laura Britt Style

Graphics ordered in a grid-pattern is an excellent approach to hang artwork in a normal bedroom and generates a proper appearance.

Blount Architectural and Interiordesign

Here is still another instance of a skill wall that isn’t hung in a bedroom, but again allow simply suppose it could be. While the frameworks would be the part that changes from picture to picture the pictures all share the same tone and colour. A mild fixture that is sculptural becomes an integral part of the group. This, as well as the frameworks hung around a a large part, develop an appearance that is dynamic.

Kanner Architects – CLOSED

The manly and clear lines with this layout are appealing. The peak of the chamber is produced mo Re apparent from the glass framework across the glass enclosure as well as the entranceway behind which I suppose is a toilet and outstanding. The manner in which artwork is exhibited in this bedroom took its its direct from these characteristics. The ledges make use of the peak with things and pictures ordered just across the shelves.

Bath rooms having a View

Now, I am maybe not recommending mooning your neighbours (though a number of them may deserve it!). Before we have tended to conceal our toilets having a dearth of glass block and windows. For people that have neighbors nearby, there are not obvious windows unavailable where you are able to see out but no one is able to see in. Needless to say, in the event you reside at the center of nowhere, there’s little should spend the dollars on glass that is technologically sophisticated

Being in a position to benefit from the trees, the lake, as well as the light while washing is an excessive treat that feels just a little bit naughty. Take a look at some amazing toilets which can be flooded with sun light light and offer stunning views.

James Cleary Architecture

I do believe this may be the toilet I Have actually noticed. Why squander that million dollar view of the lake on a toilet?


Look carefully for the shower heads right in the front of the window. Is not it amazing that the bath has a view of a watertower? Poetry!

This shower has a tree house sense.

Kanner Architects – SHUT

A pool as well as mountains see – excellent to consider while using a a soothing soak.

Laura Britt Design

This toilet feels feels as though it is almost in the courtyard.

Eck | MacNeely inc.

A water as well as trees see beyond, along with clean air in the windows get this one toilet that is exquisite.

CWB Architects

Bosworth Hoedemaker

The obvious glass shower divider makes it looks considerably larger and opens up the view to the whole room.

Carson Poetzl, Inc.

I actually can not stand the phrase “zen” thrown around in layout-talk, but I am presuming I I can not aid myself from declaring it about this Asian-inspired toilet.

Carson Poetzl, Inc.

Protections cover Solitude problems in this toilet that was light.

Symbol Brand Architecture

A translucent/clear window blend functions nicely here.

Schwartz and Architecture

This one performs with foil and light.

Feldman Architecture, Inc.

Light is borrowed by this bath from an adjoining room.

Sutton Suzuki Architects

SB Architects

Ah, should it not have any partitions, is it nevertheless a “bath”? This outside tub proves it could be!

Garret Cord Werner Architects & Inside Designers

Sunterra Custom Homes


I am unsure when there is a construction material I enjoy wood boards that are over attractive. These planks can display versions in a magnificent wood off. They could stress either flat or perpendicular lines. They are able to be an excellent solution to reuse planks from constructions which can be razed, so making a job sustainable.

Boards may be used in a slick modern manner. They usually denote a space is chance. Everything is dependent upon the context where they are used by you. Occasionally they provide a natural component into a slick inside, occasionally they add heat to your space that is bare, and at times they a DD interest to an otherwise simple old wall that is drywalled. Consider them for the next remodeling job – here are a few cases where houzz members purchased wood boards superbly:

Searl Lamaster Howe Architects

Are not these weathered planks that were grey wonderful? I image they had a existence as siding

Feldman Architecture, Inc.

These roughhewn broad boards put in this slick toilet and a pleasant natural component.

This headboard was constructed from from boards.

Feldman Architecture, Inc.

Here the boards function as an extended headboard for the two beads.

BBG Development

Here slatted boards function as outside plantation blinds that are modern.

AT6 Architecture : Designbuild

I really like the variation in these types of plants, particularly in sharp contrast to the plain white bath.

Using boards in this comfy media den mentioned “this chamber is more accidental in relation to the formal living area you only left”.

Bosworth Hoedemaker

Glowing white walls are given some nature by flat boards here.

Klopf Architecture

The boards with this ceiling steal the show in this kitchen/eating location.

ZeroEnergy Style

Are not these special tiles that emulate the appearance of wood planks stunning? Excellent.


A ceiling and flooring combo- remember that they run perpendicular to one another.

Waterlox Stone on Wood Countertops

Attractiveness and the sturdiness of wood makes it such an appealing stuff for countertops. And their attractiveness can not be simply enhanced by protecting finishes, but could also prolong the life span of these too.

Sealers complete the pores of the wood so that any and all liquids your area might fall upon remain on the very top of the area and could be wiped off, rather of soak in.

After considerable analysis on the area, it appears just like lots of people are utilizing a product called “Waterlox” to seal their wood countertops. It shields and seals the wood, and contrary to other sorts of finishes, you do not have to keep reapplying it.

One choice you do not need to use on counters are non-healing vegetable oils such as corn oil and olive oil. Such oils will not shield them really nicely both, and often smell rancid with time.

Check out the hyperlinks below to study mo Re about Waterloxed Countertops

Addicted 2 Decorating

This and That

This wood counter is the star of the show in this kitchen that is white.

I really like how the heat of the wood breathes life in to this white and black kitchen.

Chris Kauffman

A wood-topped island and mismatched bar stools result in a showstopping point in this kitchen that was pretty.

I really like the design of the normal-coloured wood countertop from the sleek, white cent round tiles.


Here, an additional-broad wood counter creates a fantastically large isle- large enough for an additional sink.

Veranda Estate Properties & Insides

Wood best, red foundation- Stunning!

Wood countertops that are dark perform so properly with aqua-coloured walls. (sigh) 🙂

A pastoral wood countertop might not be “foods secure”, but it certainly is amazing!

JMA (Jim Murphy and Associates)

A ginormous wood island produces one heck of a workstation in this kitchen that is awesome.

I am Bringing Hot Back

Well, maybe not actually, but it was an ideabook name that got me laugh! EXPLANATION: I was digging through a variety of half-finished ideabooks I Have been accumulating for awhile, and that I found I ‘d one called “Hot.” I am perhaps not even certain just what I had been thinking when I produced it, but what the-heck, it is a Thursday that is haphazard, why not make an effort to take into account what this means when it comes to home decor.

I deducted that it could mean completely different things to various folks. To Austin Powers, itis a round mattress on his personal airplane. To a minimalist, it could mean a room that is completely empty. To Jackie Collins and Samantha Jones, it is reddish paired using a cheetah print. To a preparatory school it could be a green and blue plaid heaven. To me, it is just slick. It is the sort of position where I ‘d feel comfy though wonderful sipping on a martini.

What does attractive mean to you personally in relation to architecture and interior decoration? Please I would like to know in the remarks part.

Pepe Calderin Style- Contemporary Interiordesign

To some, this states, “seriously up and a-see me some time.” To the others, it states “change and OPERATE! As quickly as you can!!!”

Vanessa De Vargas

This can be among the sleekest, most sexy rooms I Have actually noticed. I do believe it is the glossy black paired with lucite and reddish.

Susan Diana Harris Interior Design

Here is where I want to sit with my cocktail.

Susan Diana Harris Interior Design

Purple and reddish – sorta ’80s Jane Fonda’s work out, but somehow it is extremely hot here.

Dillard Pierce Design Associates

This chamber may have not gone black, but furnishings and the artwork tone down it and help it become so couch-y and soothing.

Dillard Pierce Design Associates

Here it’s from still another angle.

Panache Interiors

OK, I am seeing a pattern here. Certainly I locate red, black and white hot. I am aware why also. It is since I read it was John Taylor of Duran Duran’s favourite colour combo after I was a dozen.

Tracery Interiors

That is a hot decadence to the bedroom. As if it is in some unique, ridiculously-over priced-but-worth-it resort.

Amoroso Style

I find a small bling that is metallic hot, particularly silver.

Susan Diana Harris Interior Design

There it’s, plus it’s my name onto it!

Pepe Calderin Style- Contemporary Interiordesign

This tub had not been constructed for one.

Pepe Calderin Style- Contemporary Interiordesign

No opinion.

Pepe Calderin Style- Contemporary Interiordesign

Could not aid myself. WHAT’S THIS?

The best way to Create a Stunning Outside Dinner Spread

Let us continue that, after investing Fourth of July weekend having as many dishes as possible outdoor! I had been fortunate enough to move out of Atlanta, which Whoopi Goldberg recently described as “Africa hot” and strike the New England shore this week end, and all of you who are fortunate to be someplace having an adequate wind ought to be taking advantage of it whenever possible.

It Is interesting setting up a table outside having a picnic attitude. When it is right beyond your house, it is possible to get a bit more elaborate than a picnic that is typical – vases filled with blossoms, accessibility to just as much ice as you require, and linens that are wonderful allow you to feel as if you scored a personal outside table that is fantastic in a restaurant that is good. Have some friends over, serve some natures, and take pleasure in the outside.

Clinton & Associates, Computer Landscape Architects

Use a bright coloured garden as an alibi to jazz up your tablescape. The picnic table took its its clue from your lavender plants, as well as the glasses that are chartreuse really are an excellent comparison.

Develop a Space. The most mundane of carports may be converted into in to dinner-party principal with the proper furniture as well as a couple of paper lanterns.

SchappacherWhite Architecture D.P.C.

Decorate that Dining Table! Additional room outside means independence to go bananas with lanterns and centerpieces – perhaps not the manner these are hung in the pergola.


Use card tables that are mobile for pub or a backyard buffet, and cover it up with even a straightforward sheet or table cloths.

Dear Daisy Cottage

Consider getting a can of rust Oleum in a vibrant colour to your outdoor furniture that is alloy! Turquoise is the colour that is perfect vivid summer.

Seek out Inspiration. Search “Dining Alfresco” in the Ideabooks area of of houzz. No houzz “eating al-fresco”-themed ideabook would be total without this shot. I do believe each and every one of us utilizes it every time one is compiled by us!

Huntley & Co. Interior Style

Supply seats that are comfy. Sunbrella materials are perfect to your outside furniture.

Prepare yourself for more chilly evenings. You may get precisely the same heat as this elaborate outdoor fire-place from a fire pit or even a tiny chiminera (chiminea? Exactly what the heck are such things called?)

Carson Poetzl, Inc.

Make the complete region tempting. I am thinking from your cactus that is growing here that July isn’t the most effective month to consume only at that table, but it really is s O darn adorable on this particular veranda, I might only get it done anyhow!

Ensure you have ample light (you you may not want much, but individuals will be capable demand to see their plates!). Do not forget you will probably need lanterns or protecting hurricanes for candles when you’re outside.


Produce a community roofdeck fantastic so that one can really get to learn your neighbours. This one was a group energy.

Gleicher Layout – Buildings & Insides

Consider spaces that are little. A cosy balcony using an easy established of a table along with cafe seats is an excellent place for that day you have been getting excited about.

Michelle Kaufmann Studio

Not in the disposition to amuse? It is totally appropriate to relax using a cocktail dining table, detailed with using a cheery blossom, nearby!

Curating and Putting Artwork in Your House

The following images all have a minumum of one thing in common: The chambers possess a stunning bit of art that’s just perfect. Generally, it seems the chambers might have already been designed around them.

It would go to show that in the event that you fall in love using an item of artwork, it is possible to get it work. Ensure the the size of the furnishings around as well as its arrangement it are not inappropriate. This might require some trial and error, and some active so long as it takes till you’re pleased. Tackle lights the function correctly when you’re filled. There are a few good examples of the areas aren’t overpowering where they are set.

Additionally, designers – in the event you see many chambers under, please take the time tell us something you know about such pieces. I am aware I’d like to learn more and I am certain many Houzz neighborhood members would as well.

Amy Lau Style

This mosaic-like painting is a focus that is significant. The chandelier is just another piece that is stunning, however it can not compete. Most of all, look at just how wide the dining table is – as a standard-size dining table could be, it can resist how big the art work and just isn’t overwhelmed because of it.

Garret Cord Werner Architects & Inside Designers

These wonderful horses are clearly the star of the area, but due to the intriguing shade of the sofas, the piece does not overwhelm the the area.

Pangaea Interior-Design, Portland, OR

This function provides an excellent infusion of pump-Kin to the room. The furniture around it’s absolutely scaled, plus it is hung at only the correct degree.

Here we’ve geometry in white and black comparing with lots of clear edges.

Schwartz and Architecture

This bit is indeed amazing if you ask me because it h-AS the sensation of a re-purposed piece of salvage within an otherwise quite space that is modern.

Cary Bernstein Architect

Listed here is a bit of days gone by. This big old clock-face turns in to art work on the white wall that is clear.

Lea Bassani Layout

This lamb that is glowing only makes me grin. The high polish blue walls will also be a selection that is daring, however it all functions somehow.

I will be mad over this classic enamel signal – it conceals the below-the-deck space behind it and supplies a backdrop that is cheery.


I adore the way how the work, along with these equestrian pictures work with all the flor tiles is arranged in connection to the seats as well as the lighting.

Rodriguez Studio Architecture Computer

Just what a wonderful gallery-like area. The chamber called to get this one and a big, hitting bit was was the reply.

Chelsea Atelier Architect, Computer

The vibrant stripes with this picture would be an ideal dose of colour to this chamber.

Chelsea Atelier Architect, Computer

Take a look at the things on the mantel. Itis an excellent solution to fashion the piece. In addition , I adore the way in which it works using the grey environment on the hearth.

ZeroEnergy Layout

This picture is coveted by me, plus it provides the ideal feels that complement particulars and the furnishings. It is a little people in an area packed with modern.

Sutton Suzuki Architects

Like this bigcat is almost relaxing on the sofa, do not you sense? I’d truly prefer to learn more regarding anyone who resides here!

Chelsea Atelier Architect, Computer

This picture and the chamber only add a huge jolt of happiness together. It is modern, but for some cause after I look at it, it gets me think of sun and helianthus, although I am aware that seems actually cheesy.

Houzz Tour: Los Gatos contemporary renovation that is pastoral

This fantastic contemporary pastoral renovation, by Mark English Architects, was created to get a girl with a curiosity about images, design and background and a lot of animals.
Several of you’d previously found the home kitchen and saved its pictures in your ideabooks. It is time to learn more about the remainder of the magnificent house.


To provide the soulless present house a “background” in which various parts of the home appear to have been finished at differing times occasions.

Detailed Architecture

Entrance: the in-fill entrance add-on is introduced as the idea of source. An easy barn -like quantity using a roof and heavy lumber interior construction that is reclaimed, the entrance mass is sheathed in batten barn siding and redwood plank.

Kitchen: the kitchen block of the present home is sheathed in reused lime stone field stone and large timber lintels, introduced as a later addition.

The balance of the home: The house is sheathed with 3″ lap siding, offered as the closing building period.

We Are adoring the barn-like architechural characteristics in addition to the lovely popping colours.

Mark English Architects, AIA

Mark English Architects, AIA

Mark English Architects, AIA

Mark English Architects, AIA

Mark English Architects, AIA

Mark English Architects, AIA

Mark English Architects, AIA

Mark English Architects, AIA

Mark English Architects, AIA

Interview with Laura Sampson, "Green" House Stager

“Going Green” is all the rage! It’s difficult to start the mags or papers without hearing about technology that is green, preserving, reusing and recycling the planet. This indicates that people all are learning and striving to do our part to create this world more healthy. Now, it’s went to the mind of house layout.

At Houzz, we had the joy of assembly Home Stager, Laura Sampson of Clermont, Fl. What got our interest is that she isn’t an average home stager. Laura is a “GREEN STAGER”.

Our first response: A GREEN Stager? What is anybody truly seeking out and is a GREEN STAGER such a designer when decorate or they would like to market their house? You’ll be amazed by that which we discovered.

K & M Models

Just what is a Green Stager”?
A “eco-friendly” stager is a House Stager that has formed a commitment to help a home-owner & realtor in addition to the home buyer as well as the surroundings. By developing means to efficiently “eco-friendly” marketplace their residence along with conventional theatrical production advice, eco-friendly stagers offer instruction & assistance to the vendor.

Happy House Stager LLC

If the homeowner need to make home improvements when attempting to sell, the suggested change will be toward options that are sustainable.

Ashford Associates

Why would some one need to employ a “ stager” that is eco-friendly?
In May of 2008, National Assoc. of Realtors (NAR) reported that 9 out of 10 Realtors® say that their customers are seeking eco-friendly attributes when investing in a fresh house. Purchasers are aware a house or apartment with attributes that are eco-friendly will conserve them cash later on. 60% of buyers in a single survey said they were not unwilling to spend mo Re compared to asking cost!

Happy Home Stager LLC

Normally, throughout a theatrical production consultation that is created, the present property will be assessed by a eco-friendly” stager both for theatrical production chances & eco-friendly attributes & methods. We are going to subsequently supply a written motion program including strategies to fix or update toward eco-friendly. We’re well-informed affecting conservation of water efficacies, sources and re-cycling.

Ashford Associates

The vendor can not only reap the benefits of the more rapid sale of your home, they’ll certainly have the ability to integrate eco-friendly that is “ practices in their own new house. The purchaser gains since they are set up for success that is sustainable by the previous owners.

The surroundings advantages, which gains everyone.

Elizabeth A. Marusin

The certification needs a completely independent study and a classroom evaluation. The identification is called Live Green, Stay Intelligent Building Sciences Qualified Expert (LGLS CP) along with the training is organized through Accredited Theatrical Production Professionals (CSP). This class is open to anybody thinking about learning about green constructing methods.

Are there special appliances and fixture when selling my house, that I I ought to upgrade? Exactly why is this significant?
Every house is is exclusive and sadly there’sn’t a blanket response. Contemplate buying Energy Star® appliances in the event that you might be looking for new appliances. These appliances happen to be rated to suggest that less power is consumed by them, and water, thus saving $$$.! to you

For instance: changing an 8yr aged fridge having a fresh Energy Star® fridge will lower your power consumption

Andre Rothblatt Architecture

Changing a 15yr outdated dishwasher for a Power Star® rated dish washer can reduce electricity costs . Buy a couple of upgraded Energy Star® appliances & obtain tax credits.

Recently it’s simple to get trapped in “eco-friendly washing” because some business organizations be seemingly jumping on the band-wagon and just use “ ” that is eco-friendly as a buzzword. Before creating a purchase contemplate studying an item via an impartial 3rd celebration. I would suggest Buyer Reviews or greenseal.

Happy House Stager LLC

Will this be an excellent return on my expense (ROI)?
Definitely! Present stats reveal residential eco-friendly upgrades on average possess a return on investment of $8 for every $1 invested. For industrial qualities, Energystar qualities are available on common of $6 1 per sq-FT more than equals and LEED structures for $171 mo-Re per sq ft.

A yield can be mo Re than merely financial.

“Green development is a job constructed to your standard greater than building codes, they survive longer, are more affordable to work, sell to get a premium, use fewer sources & have a reduced effect on the surroundings.” Mike Holcomb, Alliance for Sustainability

Private Garden Coach

How about landscaping and crops? Should I contemplate putting in water-resistant plants?
Yes, water is a restricted commodity. Just 2.5% of the world’s water is potable, s O preserving water is of excellent value. In the landscape it is necessary to recognize the suitable plant for the place that is correct. Perennial crops that are indigenous will flourish and necessitate water that is minimal. Many can let you keep that curb charm and are rather lovely. Figure out methods to cut back the quantity of yard space. Yards would be the biggest users of drinking tap water. Your crops will will like you because of it, in the event that you’ven’t completed s O however, changeover to natural fertilizers & meals.

Happy Residence Stager LLC

Is employing a “eco-friendly stager” less cheap than a residence stager” that is “?
All Home Stagers are impartial contractors and create their particular rate structure. I consider eco-friendly guidance is a valueadded support as well as a vital element of my consultations that are composed.

2D3D Style, INC

What are the DIY or tricks propositions for bringing mo-Re “eco-friendly” in your home as you are able to offer our visitors?
Fastest bang for you personally buck: change-out the mild bulbs to CFLs or light-emitting diodes; Shift shower heads to truly have a water movement of no over 2 gallons each minute; Remove chemically scented items; Change flusher on bathroom to reduced-movement or twoway flusher handles; Install a programmable thermostat.

Being eco-friendly means being aware of exactly how we dump any goods. Give first, re-cycle 2nd, lose just as a final resort if possible.

Happy Residence Stager LLC

Why did you turn into a house stager?
It’s the better means I know the best way to help individuals by including my love of the artwork & support. Each theatrical production is a-mini-task using a unique exceptional chances. Plus you can view the benefits and grins really fast because “Staging operates!”

Happy Residence Stager LLC

What inspired one to become a “ stager” that was eco-friendly?
For me turning “green” began in the backyard. When my partner & I moved into our house 12 years ago we needed curb charm and that lovely yard, just like everyone.

Happy Residence Stager LLC

We started using amp; plant-food & conventional chemically laced herbicides. We put the plants that people needed and they never lived. We weren’t paying any interest to the remaining ramifications of the substances as well as the eco system.


One day we sprayed weedkiller in a planting bed that was big along with a little bunny ran out. We noticed a tiny bunny lifeless in our lawn after that day. We determined subsequently to be a friend to our personal ecosystem.

Happy Residence Stager LLC

I became a Qualified Habitat Steward and registered to get a class from your National Wildlife Federation. I discovered value bringing the wild life we want, maybe not utilizing substances and using indigenous crops & eradicating unique invasive crops. Our small 1/3 acre home is booming. is now Licensed Wild Life Habitat and

Kerrie L. Kelly

What’s your favourite type of style and architecture?
Ok. I’m fickle. Numerous architectural types are loved by me. After I was younger, I needed the downiest, most cushy stuff around me as I age I lean toward clear slick lines. While I’ve always adored the doctrine of the Arts & Crafts motion, recently what h AS intrigued me is Postmodernism. Post Modernism h-AS lines that are exquisite and quite well described areas, like the methodologies of Home-Staging.

Laura Sampson is a House Stager and possessor of Brownstone Artwork and Layout and also hosts a site on Activerain (membersonly) called JOYFUL HOUSE STAGER

Laura can also be located on the houzz neighborhood at and on twitter:

We encourage you to discuss YOUR “GREEN” suggestions in the opinion section below!