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Guest Groups: Fun Accessories to Spice Up Your Children’s Space

We’ve all heard that adding a few unexpected accessories into a room prevents it from becoming too predictable or fussy. Wouldn’t you knowthe same is true for children’s spaces. Here are a couple favourite finds that can inject just the right amount of FUN for your kid’s room. — Danyelle out of Dandee Designs


Mushroom Pouf – $168

Even traditional poufs are accessories that are fun, but a toadstool pouf? Well that just takes it into a whole new level. I love the shape of the one and, obviously, the fun pop of red.


Hopscotch Rug – $199

This hopscotch rug adds just the right amount of pleasure to any space. Additionally, it would be the ideal game on a rainy day. Who is in?


Revolving Bookcase – $699

I really love this revolving bookcase. It is the perfect fit in a little space and the design is so sudden. Can you imagine the time you’d have styling those shelves?!

Urban Outfitters

Olivia Headboard Wall Decal – $55

This headboard wall decal is so fun and quirky. I love that it is a traditional shape used in a very non-traditional way. It’s a great option for tenants on a budget too.


Petite Bedside Table, Bright Pink | PBteen – $99

This is not your standard table. The petite shape and pop of color have loads of personality.


May the force be with You – Eye Chart – $15

If you’ve got a budding Star Wars fan in the house then this eye picture –esque print is a must have. It’s clean and easy but nevertheless manages to have a giggle out of me every time I see it.


Girl / Boy Head Pillows by Vintage Jane – $22

I am having trouble deciding on a popular from the bunch; they’re so cute! These handmade silk-screened pillows will add lots of vintage charm to your kid’s room.


Sofia Fabric, Wide Stripe, Black/White – $7.99

Sometimes adding a large, bold pattern is all you need to liven up a space. I like the notion of turning this daring stripe to a lovely curtain panel or roman shade.


Hippity-Hop Lamp – $88

Who knew a ceramic rabbit would prove lamps do not need to be dull? This little guy is so lively and will give your child’s area a fairly glow as they drift off to sleep.

Maintain Calm Gallery

Shine and rise Print – GBP 18

I can not think of a better publish to wake up to in the morning. Its cheery color will get your child’s day off on the right foot.


Shadow Puppet Wallpaper – GBP 150

I understand wallpaper is not actually an attachment, but this pattern is so amazing it needed to be included in the listing. The design is so daring, I’d wallpaper a small single wall or the interior of a standard bookcase to include just the right touch of whimsy.

Urban Outfitters

Waterfall Ruffle Duvet Cover – $149

I have something for white bedding therefore it’s no surprise that this duvet appeals to me. Bedding doesn’t get more entertaining than that, can it?


Penguin Classics for Children – $16.99

These cloth-bound classics for kids are so beautiful it’s easy to forget that their not just for sitting on a shelf. With names such as Anne of Green Gables, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Peter Pan, I can rest assured They Are as great on the inside as they are on the outside. Additionally, the lovely colors of the covers will add a nice kick into your child’s space.

Softline Children’s Indoor Swing

I have five kids and every one of them loves to swing. I imagine when I set up a ME & U upholstered indoor swing in our home I’d win Mother of the Year.


Dots Multi Mobile – $75

Mobiles are not just for infants. These paper creations out of DwellStudio offer fresh designs and colors that I would love to see hanging in a kid’s area — young or old.

ZIG Shelving

These limited edition shelving units from designer Ryan Frank are so eye catching. I love the bright pop of color on the interior and the way it’s possible to buy a couple and group them into any design you like.

Genius Jones

Woody Chalkboard Table – $499

Creating is this important aspect of childhood. I love the sleek design of the chalkboard play desk, especially with the chalk stored right there at the center. Makes for easy sharing all around.

Seymour Owl Rug – $65

Including a little rug with personality is likely to liven up your kid’s space. I love the subtle colors within this owl. He’d be at home with pretty much any decor.

Book Truck – $178.95

The blast of red with this publication truck is so extreme! The industrial design appeals to my grownup aesthetics while the pleasure factor would appeal to my kids. I can envision the endless games of”library” that would be needed when it lived in our home.

Alexa Chevron Vibe Zebra Rug – $153.99

Bold pattern around the floor is a great way to add a bit of spice into a space. I believe that the zigzag pattern in this rug is so amazing! I’ve a feeling my kids would love to conduct their matchbox cars down and up each bumpy row.

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