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Top 10 Homebuilding Trends

If you’re looking to start the New Year afresh with a few Tucson flooring to your home, then you’ll love our tips below on the top home building trends for this year. We’ve compiled this list with the intention to help you achieve a design that is both stylish and comfortable, and you can choose to use one or incorporate them all, depending on your preferences.

Eco-Friendly Design

As the effects of global warming continue to take their toll on the environment, it’s becoming increasingly important to choose eco-friendly building materials like bamboo and recycled plastic. You can also do your part for the environment by opting to purchase only appliances that have the ‘Energy Star’ on them, as that is a sign of efficiency and conservation.

Prefabricated and Modular Homes

Also known as modular building, prefabricated homes are growing in popularity among new homeowners. They come at an accessible price tag while offering easy installation and marvelous features that you wouldn’t get in your average home.

Recycled Materials

While using recycled materials will earn you extra brownie points for being green, it also opens up a whole new world of possibilities and innovations, such as combining vibrant broken glass with concrete for your countertops or giving your trim a charming factor with reclaimed wood.

Natural Materials

Whenever you’re buying new building materials for your laminate flooring Tucson, it’s important to avoid the dangerous effects of the chemicals used in the making of common building materials, and opt for safer alternatives like formaldehyde-free carpets and low VOC paints, to name but a few.

Storm Resistance

As natural disasters start becoming increasingly common, you’d also do well to fortify your home against storms and hurricanes by incorporating hurricane shutter, storm-proof additions, and other measures.

Universal Design

The whole idea behind the universal design is to make your home more livable through elements such as wide open spaces, huge hallways, functional closets and flexible spaces that you can transform into what you need them to be at any time.

Open Spaces

A home that incorporates flow from one space to the other through open-plan design is not a hard sell when you consider the light and welcoming energy it inspires when you walk into it. This way you can create more spaciousness in your home every time you do wood flooring Tucson.


Eliminate attics and crawl spaces to make room for smart and functional storage in their place to keep your home organized and tidy.

Eastern Philosophy

These days, flooring Tucson is not complete without a touch of Eastern design, which you can introduce to your aesthetic through Feng Shui, which is an ancient Eastern design philosophy that encourages the easy flow of energy between spaces to create more peace and harmony.

Outdoor Rooms

Adding an outdoor room to your property is a great way to make it more appealing while increasing its value. You can easily get it done by covering your patio and adding a few stylish pieces of furniture and outdoor accessories to make it more comfortable.