Month: June 2018

Idea of the Week: Customizable Dish Drawer

There are a whole lot of great organization methods for kitchen drawers, many needing custom work or help from a professional. A pegged dish stall, however, is something that you can set up yourself. The smart thought piqued our curiosity in a current Houzz User Kitchen of the Week, and we haven’t been able to get it out of our heads since.

If you’ve got a deep kitchen stall that’s turned into a rattling mishmash of dishes, then picking up a pegboard and dowels in the regional hardware store could provide you with the perfect solution. Have a look:


A deep drawer is a great way to put away dishes for people who want to keep above-counter shelving tidy — or to avoid shelving together. Obviously, the problem with trying to pile dishes neatly into a drawer is they can slosh around if you open and shut the drawer, inviting scrapes, chips and even breakage.

Pacific Northwest Cabinetry

Some cabinetry shops offer you a system very similar to what you find here. Additionally, it is a relatively easy DIY fix.

By installing a pegboard cut to the dimensions of your drawer and using wooden dowels using a dowel pin screwed into the base, you may make your own customizable dish organizer. The dowels keep the dishes set up and may be moved around as necessary.

This fantastic idea for keeping dishes was brought to our attention from the kitchen remodel of Houzz consumer Karen Heffernan. Inspired by a number of the last photographs, she implemented the dowel-and-pegboard system above in many deep drawers for easy, space-efficient dish storage.

What’s your kitchen storage solution? Post a photo below!

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Guest Groups: Fun Accessories to Spice Up Your Children’s Space

We’ve all heard that adding a few unexpected accessories into a room prevents it from becoming too predictable or fussy. Wouldn’t you knowthe same is true for children’s spaces. Here are a couple favourite finds that can inject just the right amount of FUN for your kid’s room. — Danyelle out of Dandee Designs


Mushroom Pouf – $168

Even traditional poufs are accessories that are fun, but a toadstool pouf? Well that just takes it into a whole new level. I love the shape of the one and, obviously, the fun pop of red.


Hopscotch Rug – $199

This hopscotch rug adds just the right amount of pleasure to any space. Additionally, it would be the ideal game on a rainy day. Who is in?


Revolving Bookcase – $699

I really love this revolving bookcase. It is the perfect fit in a little space and the design is so sudden. Can you imagine the time you’d have styling those shelves?!

Urban Outfitters

Olivia Headboard Wall Decal – $55

This headboard wall decal is so fun and quirky. I love that it is a traditional shape used in a very non-traditional way. It’s a great option for tenants on a budget too.


Petite Bedside Table, Bright Pink | PBteen – $99

This is not your standard table. The petite shape and pop of color have loads of personality.


May the force be with You – Eye Chart – $15

If you’ve got a budding Star Wars fan in the house then this eye picture –esque print is a must have. It’s clean and easy but nevertheless manages to have a giggle out of me every time I see it.


Girl / Boy Head Pillows by Vintage Jane – $22

I am having trouble deciding on a popular from the bunch; they’re so cute! These handmade silk-screened pillows will add lots of vintage charm to your kid’s room.


Sofia Fabric, Wide Stripe, Black/White – $7.99

Sometimes adding a large, bold pattern is all you need to liven up a space. I like the notion of turning this daring stripe to a lovely curtain panel or roman shade.


Hippity-Hop Lamp – $88

Who knew a ceramic rabbit would prove lamps do not need to be dull? This little guy is so lively and will give your child’s area a fairly glow as they drift off to sleep.

Maintain Calm Gallery

Shine and rise Print – GBP 18

I can not think of a better publish to wake up to in the morning. Its cheery color will get your child’s day off on the right foot.


Shadow Puppet Wallpaper – GBP 150

I understand wallpaper is not actually an attachment, but this pattern is so amazing it needed to be included in the listing. The design is so daring, I’d wallpaper a small single wall or the interior of a standard bookcase to include just the right touch of whimsy.

Urban Outfitters

Waterfall Ruffle Duvet Cover – $149

I have something for white bedding therefore it’s no surprise that this duvet appeals to me. Bedding doesn’t get more entertaining than that, can it?


Penguin Classics for Children – $16.99

These cloth-bound classics for kids are so beautiful it’s easy to forget that their not just for sitting on a shelf. With names such as Anne of Green Gables, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Peter Pan, I can rest assured They Are as great on the inside as they are on the outside. Additionally, the lovely colors of the covers will add a nice kick into your child’s space.

Softline Children’s Indoor Swing

I have five kids and every one of them loves to swing. I imagine when I set up a ME & U upholstered indoor swing in our home I’d win Mother of the Year.


Dots Multi Mobile – $75

Mobiles are not just for infants. These paper creations out of DwellStudio offer fresh designs and colors that I would love to see hanging in a kid’s area — young or old.

ZIG Shelving

These limited edition shelving units from designer Ryan Frank are so eye catching. I love the bright pop of color on the interior and the way it’s possible to buy a couple and group them into any design you like.

Genius Jones

Woody Chalkboard Table – $499

Creating is this important aspect of childhood. I love the sleek design of the chalkboard play desk, especially with the chalk stored right there at the center. Makes for easy sharing all around.

Seymour Owl Rug – $65

Including a little rug with personality is likely to liven up your kid’s space. I love the subtle colors within this owl. He’d be at home with pretty much any decor.

Book Truck – $178.95

The blast of red with this publication truck is so extreme! The industrial design appeals to my grownup aesthetics while the pleasure factor would appeal to my kids. I can envision the endless games of”library” that would be needed when it lived in our home.

Alexa Chevron Vibe Zebra Rug – $153.99

Bold pattern around the floor is a great way to add a bit of spice into a space. I believe that the zigzag pattern in this rug is so amazing! I’ve a feeling my kids would love to conduct their matchbox cars down and up each bumpy row.

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Living Rooms With a Private Stamp Of Design

“Make a list of what people typically do, and do the opposite,” says Simon Doonan, window dresser at Barneys New York. “You are bound to get some attention.” I couldn’t agree . It’s too easy to fill rooms up with catalogue looks, which may come together very nicely but overlook a bit of soul.

Before this week I wrote about putting a personal stamp on your bedroom. This week I am turning to the living room, where you can showcase a distinctive sense of style with inspirational finds, precious heirlooms, artful wall remedies and much more.

Tobi Fairley Interior Design

Insert colorful, personalized artwork. These framed silhouettes from poppin’ colors make me think the people who live here have fun characters.

Vanessa De Vargas

Use head-turning color. Dark pink is an unexpected conclusion that turns these lamp bases from lighting to palaces. I am a whole spray-can girl, so this notion makes me wonder what I might be able to paint to get an exclamation point in a room.

Janell Beals – House of Fifty

Bring in a captivating wall layout. Create a distinctive focal point using a stencil design or background over a fireplace or behind a couch.

CIH Design

Insert a light with character. A chandelier is also an unexpected touch at a living room. Mix it with rustic pieces to display your glam-yet-country side.

Studio Marcelo Brito

Group images on a theme. Collect framed pieces along with other finds on a gallery wall which expresses something about who you are. Organize them close together vs. around the space for increased impact.

Rough Linen

Go large. Create a conversation starter with large scale jagged pieces on a wall.

Interior Design Philosophy

Insert the unexpected. What a personal statement this gathered paper look is! Lit up from below with lighting, it generates popping texture.

A Beach Cottage

Rather than using conventional end tables to your couch, add another type of accent table, such as a tiny dresser. You receive more storage out of it, also.

The Lettered Cottage

Re-imagine your coffee table. Try a fresh end and change up the decor pieces on top.

Klang & Associates

Pair accent tables or garden stools instead of a coffee table.

Get diverse. Pair modern with rustic, new with old.

Jeanette Lunde

In the artwork on the walls to the furniture pieces, do not choose decor based on a specific style, but on what makes you smile.

LDa Architecture & Interiors

Move bold. This room features fabulous, high-end style. The use of this black wall, intriguing artwork, and black trim and flooring molding is a creative move.

American & Global Designs, Inc..

Consider a window treatment which captures your character. Pick something large in scale along with a stunning color that is totally you.

Echelon Custom Homes

Sunny walls, eclectic decor along with a bold mixture of layouts showcase this homeowner’s character. Here is somebody not afraid to take chances.

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