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A gallery wall is a great way to fill a blank wall with a pretty collection. The wall contrary to our bed has been sterile for some time. I decided to make use of it, so I took a few things I have been collecting to create a wall which reflects my personal style and showcases my locates.

I love mixing finishes and materials — it makes for an interesting arrangement. I used wood eyeglasses, a metal grate and a mirror with this wall. Even though most of the finishes are different, they work well together. Don’t be afraid to mix and match for an eclectic look. Here’s how:

Susan Duane

To create a gallery wall you’ll need:
• Frames, art, photos, mirrors and other discovers
• Hammer
• Nails
• Craft paper
• Pencil
• Tape
• Ribbon (optional)
• Tape measure
• Camera

1. Lay out a tape measure or ruler onto the ground, and the width of the wall area. This will supply you with the framework for your project.

Susan Duane

2. Organize and move your pieces around until you’re pleased with the placement. My personal style is straightforward, so I retained the composition that way, too. Consider turning frames vertically and horizontally for a look. For me, mixing in an oval divides the straight lines of the other pieces.

3. Take a photo with your phone or camera so that you may reference your composition.

4. I taped two pieces of craft paper together so all of my pieces would fit on it. I maintain a roll of it available since it’s so useful for endeavors.

5. Using a pencil follow the outline of each frame on your paper. Mark the placement of the nail or hook, too.

6. Tape the paper to the wall, making sure it’s straight. Hammer a nail or hook into each proper marking. After all of your nails are in place remove.

Susan Duane

7. Hang each piece in its place, using the photo you took as reference. Into a blank wall’ve turned into something beautiful.

Susan Duane

If you’re out looking for items to use, think beyond conventional frames to earn your gallery wall distinctive. This beautiful wood piece was from a classic audio stand that I found in an estate sale. It did not have a hanger, so I hung it out of a pretty ribbon.

Susan Duane

This piece is a classic heating grate — I discovered a few of these at the flea market. At the time I had no clue what I was going to do together, however, I knew I’d be able to use them . The detail is really beautiful, and there’s a little hook in the bottom which I was able to hang an older key.

An all-mirror gallery wall would be beautiful in a living room or entryway. Or how about all-white finishes for a more uniform look? The excellent thing about this project is that there are no rules!

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