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Side-Table Decorating Ideas

It may be a designer slice or an upturned timeworn wood crate or half barrel, but how you decorate your table is about as important as the table itself. The right table stands around chair-arm height with design that complements the room; the right decorative components on top inform your design narrative.

Size, Style and Symmetry

No matter what you place on a side table, then choose symmetry, appropriate size and suitable fashion. On a set of side tables, then utilize matching table lamps or slightly different lamps with comparable heights, colors and design; vague differences such as diverse shapes create interest. When you are decorating only one table beside a sofa, roughly match the table’s tallest object, including a table lamp together with the table’s height, to the height of the tallest object on the opposite side, such as a floor lamp or leggy, potted plant.

Lighten Up

A table lamp is an end-table regular but its shade may be more important than you realize. If the base of the lampshade is below eye level when you are sitting on the neighboring sofa or chair, you won’t get glare from the arc or see the hardware. For a small table such as a movable era-C table with a wrap-under, extend-over layout — like a rolling hospital-bed table — utilize a slim lamp or clamp lamp for practicality. In case you’ve got a boxier table or table cube, go with a beefier lamp for proportion.

Odds and End Table

A lone lamp may suit a complete table at a minimalist home but if you want a more substantial look, add objects judiciously. Odd-numbered groupings — a lamp, vase and beam candle, like — create visual movement and interest, particularly in the event that you vary their heights. To get a side table, then three objects is plenty. If three doesn’t seem like enough, add two more objects to see how the article changes. Add or take away objects till you’ve got a satisfying display.

Beside the Bed

A bedroom table carries a couple of objects you probably would not use in the living room, den or family room. Include a docking station along with a vintage-looking alarm clock in an antique side table or something with a contemporary twist on a contemporary table. Set a small decorative dish on the table to toss switch, keys, hair accessories, jewelry or other smaller items when you are getting changed or climbing into bed.

Good-Looking Protection

Save your side-table top from drinking-glass condensation, plant or vase spillover or scrapes. Cover the top with a smooth-edge part of glass that’s cut to match; glass includes a clean, streamlined effect if you prefer minimalist design. A single coaster in wood, leather, cork or colorful, molded plastic should match the table it tops. For the nation or Shabby-Chic-style space, hem a floral or paisley table runner to curtain across at a casual angle. In modern digs, utilize ikat fabric or a striped place mat.

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How to Make Black Furniture Look Brown

Furniture that is black — upholstered whether painted or metallic — can seem sophisticated and cosmopolitan in the ideal setting, but additionally, it may seem heavy, harsh and severe. If you’re tired of looking at furniture, the response is to heat the look by shifting the color range from black to browns. You can accomplish this by including glazing, painting and slipcovers and changing light bulbs. You can paint cloth or leather upholstery, and that means you can give a look at a portion of the price of replacing it to that leather couch.

Styling Tricks

Use light bulbs with a color temperature of 2700K to 3000K to throw a golden glow. Often called”warm” or”soft white,” these bulbs are available in a variety of styles including light bulbs that are light. The lighting creates a relaxing and cozy ambiance in the area as it softens and warms the appearance of your black furniture.

Surround your furniture that is black . For instance, place a black leather couch against a mustard-yellow wall. Insert drape a honey-gold blanket on the couch back and throw pillows in khaki and tan shades. The color of the sofa will take on the warm shades, toning down the black Since the appearance of a color is affected by the colors around it.

Place armchairs to completely conceal black upholstery or leather and slipcovers on your couch. You could buy or create slipcovers for dining barstools chairs and ottomans. While fitted slipcovers are not inexpensive, they are much less costly than replacing furniture.

Paints and Glazes

Paint the wooden or metal components of your furniture in the shade of brown you desire. If the finish is in good shape, first prepare the surface by cleaning it, sanding necessary to roughen the finish, and employing a primer suitable for your surface. Some primers are especially made to metal and plastic, such as. Apply the paint light, even coats to get even coverage. You might want to apply a protective coating such as polyurethane, especially on furniture which receives heavy use, after the paint has dried.

Employ a glaze or rubbing compound over painted furniture to soften and warm the black. For instance, classic gold rubbing compound over can simulate the look of bronze. Put on the compound with a soft cloth, then wipe off the excess with another cloth, which makes highlights of stone onto corners, the regions and edges of this furniture. Permit the compound to cure for 24 hours. Other glaze colors, such as red or reddish-brown, will heat the black .

Paint your upholstery in the color you would like. Spray paint created for cloth and vinyl, available at auto supply stores, readily covers leather as well as cloths. However, the available colors are limited. You can find the exact color you want by mixing equal pieces of cloth medium. This program works best on cloths with a smooth finish. Dampen the upholstery cloth and apply a thin coating of the paint mix with a 3-inch paintbrush. Permit the piece to dry. Using sandpaper, lightly sand the painted cloth to smooth any patches of paint out. Repeat sanding and painting for a total of four coats, or until you get excellent coverage.

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Stop by a Living Room Designed for Art, Beauty and the Grandkids Too

This Melbourne couple wanted to combine their passion for beauty and family in a complex, comfortable space. They were eager for fabrics and furniture to stand up to four seeing grandchildren, plus they wanted to emphasize their art collection in an open and entertainment-friendly space.

Melbourne interior designers Massimo Speroni and Andrew Frost collaborated on the area’s neutral palette, statement furniture and blend of design styles, injecting individuality and elegance into a formerly blank space.

MASSIMO interiors

Considered design often starts with one hue. This design’s jumping-off point was that the aubergine upholstery about the bergère chair.

Speroni and Frost divided the sitting part of the wonderful room into two zones. They designed the smaller zone with light in mind; the custom sofa and sprinkled cushions invite guests to soak up the Melbourne sun.

Mirror: Boyd-Blue; table lamp: Diez; side table: Saarinen Tulip Table, Dedece

MASSIMO interiors

This artwork, titled “Madigan Gulf,” by Judith White, represents an aerial perspective of a bushland river stream. The acrylic frame connects with all the obelisks on the coffee table.

Italian coffee table, obelisks: supplied by Speroni and Frost

MASSIMO interiors

A cozy oversize rug joins both chairs. The larger area exudes comfort and warmth. A white palette highlights that the room’s 10-foot high ceilings; the neutral colours create the couple’s furniture and art collection the heroes of this design.

Custom four-seat sofas seem tasteful, but their durable fabric will stand up to the wear and tear of seeing grandchildren.

Black and white photo: Stu Morley

MASSIMO interiors

Patterned ottomans divide the sound, neutral tones. The fabric colours harmonize perfectly with the striking statement painting by George Raftopoulos over the sofa.

Rug: habit, The Rug Establishment; ottomans: habit

MASSIMO interiors

The designers blended several styles for a brave design. The open-plan living room exercises restraint with components of traditional, modern and eclectic design. The magnificent scenery of Maria de Tassis, a reproduction of Anthony van Dyck’s 17th-century first, spouses perfectly with the custom dining table’s Corian shirt and polished stainless steel base.

Chairs: Zanotta, Space Furniture

MASSIMO interiors

This gorgeous great room has good flow and tons of natural lighting, inviting all to devote plenty of time. The exquisite European oak flooring — stained in a darkened brown-black — contrasts the neutral colours and provides a lush, classic feel to the room.

Drum pendant lighting: habit; accessories: Italian, supplied by Speroni and Frost

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Selecting Interior Paint Colors for Your Property

Your house is one of the centre points a place of enjoyment and. Therefore, you’ll need. The details can make a difference from the picture you present, After decorating. An important part of these details is that the colors in decorating your home’s interior, you choose to use. The colour palette that is right helps to complete the space.

Develop a colour palette for every room depending on the area’s specific use, the arrangement of this space, along with the emotional impact you want the space to make on the occupants. Use a favourite item from the room like a rug or furnishing, or a decorative component like a painting or vase on which to construct the palette. Take this item’s colour and base the palette. Use the item colour as the primary color for the walls, and consider using complementary colors or shades of the exact same colour to paint the wall trim, architectural details and ceiling.

Construct a simple monochromatic palette, with all shades of the colour. A monochromatic palette is best for rooms in which the disposition tends towards relaxation. Add colors to the palette until you’ve got a scheme that you feel fits your requirements. A color wheel is helpful to find coordinating colors.

Use lighter colors. Orange and yellow colors invoke feelings of heat, and are helpful for living and entertaining areas. Green and blue sunglasses are more calming and tranquil, and are suitable for home libraries or offices

Boost the shading of colors to invite a sense of vibrancy. Insert reds and violets for passion and stimulation. Take care not to colour the space too vibrantly though, as strong colors can overwhelm over time, decreasing comfort in a room.

When choosing a colour palette use light. In rooms with less light, mute the colors more for relaxation, like in bedrooms. For rooms with light, brighter colors or pastels can be the cornerstone of a helpful palette. For instance, use yellows for vibrant sunrooms or kitchens.

Contain every component of a room’s arrangement into the colour scheme, from walls and carpets to ceilings and window treatments. Make sure all colors in the room match one another. Contain the furnishings and decorations from the colour scheme of your room. Look out for any contradictory colors within your colour scheme that may jar the balance of this space.

Use colour to combine rooms. The more connected chambers are, the more alike the palette should be to keep out of creating a jarring disconnect between adjoining areas. For rooms that are directly adjacent, you could change the shade of colour used, or use the same palette just with a single colour added or removed. Use the key colour for a single room as the secondary colour in an adjacent space, or use the same color for trim in the two chambers.

Examine the visual appeal of your colour choices from the rooms prior to actually employing the colors. Find a sample of every chosen color and place the sample on a neutral background piece, such as a muted gray. Put the background and sample piece against the surface in which you would like to use the colour so you can get a sense of how it seems together with the area’s furnishings. Examine the look using varying light levels too to determine how the room will look at all times.

Write down your final colour choices for every single room and abandon the sample colors in place. Stay with all the samples in place for a week, to be certain that you’re absolutely comfortable with all the colors chosen, changing them if needed, before purchasing the paint supplies you want to employ your favorite colors to the walls of your property.

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About Modern Interior Design

Modern interior layout has been widely popular in offices, homes and public spaces for decades. While not suitable for everyone’s tastes, contemporary design can be a strong selling point for a house, with buyers likely to love the clean lines and simplicity which help define contemporary design as a major aesthetic style.


Contemporary layout is challenging to specify liberally. The term”contemporary” refers to the influence of contemporary artwork on interior layout, but does not necessarily refer to this age or era of the plan. Contemporary design isn’t the same as contemporary design, which is a phrase that designers and designers apply to a changing group of recent fashions and tendencies. Contemporary layout is defined more by its trends, that have gone largely unchanged for several decades.


The contemporary art movement preceded the tendencies of contemporary design. In painting, modernism began with the impressionists and others who employed abstraction within their work. Modern interior design grew from the decorative arts, notably art deco, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It attained its peak in the 1950s and’60s, and that’s the reason why designers and decorators today can refer to contemporary layout as being”mid-century.”


Among the most significant elements in contemporary design is form. Contemporary design uses geometric shapes, such as stiff squares and rectangles together with smooth, even curves. Perfect circles and ovals are also common in contemporary interior design. Modern interior layout is also generally very straightforward and even minimum, with few ornamental flourishes to interrupt the even, unbroken lines and horizontal surfaces.


Modern interior design uses many substances. Wood and vinyl are common, though designers often paint wood with an opaque finish to cover the natural grain pattern. Many designers do use natural wood as an organic comparison to more artificial shapes and substances. Glossy metals, for example stainless steel, are among the signature substances in contemporary interior spaces. The alloy can utilized for anything from the legs of a seat to the entire body of a lamp. Modern interior designers also make use of glass and plastic due to their smooth, even surfaces.


Some of the best-known examples of contemporary design are seats. Designs from the German Bahaus school are famous for their simplicity and economy. The same is true for its seats designed by Charles and Ray Eames. Their seats incorporated elements of contemporary architecture and are widely replicated.

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The Way to Pick the Perfect Bedsheets

Consider the most comfortable bed you’ve ever slept in, and what comes to mind? When it’s the sheets, you are in good company. Because they come in direct contact with our skin, sheets are as important as a quality mattress and cozy blanket in sending us off to dreamland.

The sheer variety of sheets on the current market, however, can throw you for a loop when you are searching. Here are our top pointers to help you decipher the labels and decide on the sheets that will suit you best.

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Sightline Art Consulting


Back in the day, many sheets in the marketplace arrived in cotton and … cotton. And it is still the hottest sheeting fabric, because of its durability, comfort and breathability.

Cotton equally traps heat and allows cool air pass through summer time, so it is a great choice for virtually any climate. It may be mixed and feel. As with almost any sheets you buy, do a hand check to gauge how you like these combinations.

KUBE architecture

Egyptian, pima and Sea Island cottons would be the gold standard, so look for those terms on the packaging and check to be sure the fabric is 100% that material. Some growers use the term “Egyptian cotton” loosely, however — true Egyptian cotton is grown and processed according to specific stipulations. Be certain that you’re buying from a quality manufacturer and, feel the material for softness.


Bamboo blends are becoming popular in recent years, often combined with cotton or other materials. Because bamboo is sustainable and naturally antimicrobial, and sips up moisture, it is well worth considering.

Linen sheets, that operate well in hot climates because they wick away body warmth, are another option. Just be ready to do a great deal of ironing, unless you prefer the wrinkled look. Although satin sheets seem glam and feel intimate, they are sometimes too warm and slick for many people.

The Company Store

350-Thread-Count Supima Solid Sateen Bedding – $29

The signature name Supima, a hybrid of “premium” and “pima,” is employed to pick sheets of 100 percent pima cotton, developed in the United States (the title stems in the Pima Indians of Arizona). These luxurious versions, offered in a variety of rich colors are a fail-safe choice for any style bedroom. Have them monogrammed for a preppy, personal signature.

Inhabit | Plus Sheet Set – $182

This eco-friendly cotton, bamboo and rayon blend wears a low-key graphic pattern that will fall right in step with a contemporary space.

Ken Gutmaker Architectural Photography

Thread Count

including all the buzz around thread count — how many threads in 1 square inch of fabric — it’s easy to presume that greater means softer. But that is not the case. A lower-thread-count sheet produced from fibers that are softer by character, like Egyptian cotton, will feel silkier than a high-thread-count sheet produced from a lower-quality cotton blend.

Paul Rice Architecture

All other things being equal, higher thread counts can indeed translate to increased relaxation. Do not hesitate to buy 800- or 1,000-count sheets, however; you will do just fine using a design in the 400 or 450 range. The extra thread count does not produce enough difference in texture to warrant the purchase price. In reality, the highest-count sheets may even be rigid because a lot of fibers have been jammed so tightly together.

Pottery Barn

Classic Stripe 400-Thread-Count Duvet Cover and Sham, Sandalwood – $39

A broad, cheerful stripe highlights those versatile sheets, which would seem especially nice in a darkened space.

Crane & Canopy

400-Thread-Count Coral Scalloped Embroidered Sheet Set – $159

Dainty scallops plus a hint of coral give these female sheets an extra touch of elegance.

Thom Filicia Inc..


Crisp or soft? If you prefer your sheets with just a tiny snap, choose percale, which is a plainer weave than the supple sateen. Neither is inherently better; it is an issue of personal taste.

Jersey sheets — that you likely think about as T-shirt sheets — are all made using a flat knit that retains them soft but also means they can be more prone to slipping and slipping on the mattress. If you live somewhere that gets really cold, think about nubby cotton flannel sheets, unsurpassed for keeping you toasty.

Garnet Hill

Lilly Pulitzer Scarlet Begonias Percale Bedding – $50

Percale sheets at a bright, playful print awaken a mattress dressed differently in white.

Navy Gobi Embroidered Sheet Set – $145

These dignified sheets, bearing a contemporary twist on a Buddhist theme, possess a faint sheen as a result of their own sateen finish.

Su Casa Designs


In case you have ever attempted to wrestle a too-small fitted sheet on a mattress, then you know how important it’s to buy sheets that are the correct size. In case you’ve got a standard-size mattress, such as a double, queen or king, then start looking for features like elastic edging all the way around, which helps guarantee a smooth, comfortable fit.

Tom Stringer Design Partners

For extra-long twin, California king, pillow-top and other nonstandard mattresses, you will need to look for sheets especially marked for those sizes. Should you add a foam pad or alternative topper into your mattress, then assess the height, then buy an extra-deep sheet that corresponds.

And don’t forget about pillowcases: In case your pillows are under- or overscale (king pillows on a double mattress, for instance), buy fitted sheets, flat sheets and pillowcases as separates rather than as a same-size set.


Matouk Twin Extra-Long Fitted Sheet – $77.90

Extra-long twin sheets stretch comfortably within a mattress that accommodates taller sleepers.

Tailored Pinefore White Pillowcase Set, King – $63

Dressmaker details like pintucks and hemstitching grace this sharp king-size pillowcase.

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About Trend: French Lamps Directed by Light

Deeply complicated chandeliers and thick lampshades have their place, particularly in hot home libraries and wealthy dining rooms. But these French lights concentrate about the purity of the goal: shedding light onto the situation in hand.

Although the designs come from several different businesses, all of these focus on the whiteness and lightness of lighting itself. Utilizing bright whites or alternative light-hued materials and airy components, each design has its time of lightness. Bringing that exact same quality to your living room will definitely lighten up things on a cold, drab January day.

Notice: Layout Heure and Beau et Bien goods are available for sale directly from their sites. Dix Heures Dix goods are offered via British and European distributors. Contact Marcel By right via its site.

Clairière Light

Not only is that a bright white fixture, but the airy spaces between its contemporary branches add to its lightweight qualities.

Ciconia Lamp

A graceful arm and lighter-than-air ring in the end add to the weightlessness of the floor lamp.

Ruban Pendant Light

Pendant lighting is inherently airy, because it always floats over you. But the ribbing of the lamp reminds me of floating hot air balloons.

SmoonCage Sensitive Light

The voluminous forming of the simple flower-like orb allows the glowing white light to function as focus.

Lampes à Poser LuXiole Lamp

This little task lamp showcases its lightness in its simple materials, using lightweight finishes and minimal fussiness.

Cloud Pending Lamp, Grand, Nuage White

When it’s called Cloud, it already conveys an ethereal sensibility, however the floating cable falling from the pendant lamp exaggerates the light and height of this colour.

Smoon Bijou Bird antiques

This is actually just a little mild you wear as a jewel around your neck. What a sweet way to lighten your outfit — using a floating, glowing bird.

Sconce, Petit

Floating sconces on either side of a lavish bed seem like an ideal inspiration as soon as your head is drifting off to bed.

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20 of Those most cozy Dining Area

For me, “comfy dining room” means a conventional, compact room with rock walls, a roaring fire, a wrought iron chandelier, upholstered seats and a round wooden dining table atop an Oriental rug, rather located in a Tuscan villa. Easy — we’ve got a good deal of beautiful examples of those on . But that’s not all there’s to comfy. Exposed brick and rustic beams aren’t a necessity. Cozy can take many shapes and fashions. I’ve combed to find a diverse assortment of dining rooms with a comfy feel. Caution: Don’t turn into a drinking game where you have a sip every time that I write “cozy.” This would be horrible for your health.

Frederick + Frederick Architects

You ask me to get comfy, I imagine this rustic yet elegant room. The flame, the comfortable chairs, the chandelier, the more exposed beams and brick. I could stop right here and claim that this is the ultimate comfy dining space, but I will press and provide you more.


This dining room is in a stone farmhouse in France. It doesn’t get any cozier than this, except maybe if it had been in Italy, because then the risotto will be even better.

See the rest of this home

CMR Interiors & Design Consultations Inc..

Coziness can mean having to create at least four people get up so for one to leave the dining table. While this sounds inconvenient, it is just part of the price paid for smart space saving, and it is not too big a deal.

Glenn Gissler Design

Coziness can also take the form of sitting shoulder to shoulder along with your dinner companions. This indicates you’re all very close, you like one another and you are having a great time.

Rachel Reider Interiors

Contemporary and cozy aren’t mutually exclusive. Warm woods, textures, colors and lighting give a cozy ambience here, while Cherner dining room provides a dollop of midcentury modern style.

Laura Martin Bovard

This transitional dining room is clean lined and uncluttered, but upholstered seats, art, a round table, exposed ceiling beams and a mix of wood finishes all contribute to the coziness.


This is the house that launched a thousand blog posts. Although Victoria of sfgirlbybay has moved a few times since this was her home, many of us fell in love with her cozy bohemian modern San Francisco apartment with a copper-clad fireplace, schoolhouse chalkboard, farmhouse dining table and tulip seats, and we have been following her around ever since the very first time we watched it.

See the rest of this home

Emerick Architects

This dining room is bodacious and glam, but is cozied up by sheepskin cries on the seats, excellent dimmable overhead lighting and bamboo shades.

Blackband Design

This Spanish colonial dining room is very sophisticated and hot at the same period, thanks to spool furniture, a candle-like chandelier, rich red walls and an antique rug.

Witt Construction

The style of this room can be Spanish colonial, but it is very different from the previous case. In this room the intricate woven textiles on the seats, the honey-colored wood dining table and seat, the faux-textured walls as well as the rugs, drapes and lighting all add coziness in a significantly lighter color palette.

RW Anderson Homes

This dining room is simultaneously comfy yet a bit austere. The wainscoting, cheerful background, drapes and chandelier bring in heat without also earning the mess.

Murphy & Co.. Design

On occasion a dining room is simply a little space where two people are able to enjoy a meal together. Within this comfortable gatehouse, two armchairs and a desk located a pleasant corner inside an open area.

See the rest of this home

Julie Smith

I am not positive whether it’s the rag rug, the cuckoo clock or even the proudly displayed groups, but this dining room feels like a spot where a family loves to collect softly and comfortably.

Risa boyer architecture

Although I don’t usually combine glowing white with coziness, this eclectic room feels like a joyful place that draws people in.

James Glover Residential & Interior Design

Again, tons of white does not necessarily make 1 think of coziness, however slipcovered chairs, candles overhead, a fireplace, rustic beams and a natural floor give this room an intimate vibe.

Michael Fullen Design Group

The dining room and library combo is a surefire way to earn a comfortable multipurpose room. This one gets bonus coziness points for heavy drapes and cushy host and hostess seats.

Extra layers bring extra coziness to this dining room. The dining table is layered in 2 tablecloths, the seats are wrapped in fringe-trimmed fabric, the mantel is layered with china, candles and plants … even the chandelier is strung in colours and greens.

Lands End Development – Designers & Builders

There is something about a rustic aesthetic that makes a space feel tucked far away from the rest of the world in a homestead or camp type of way. Natural materials like big stones and twiggy wood pieces bring in an away-from-it-all vibe; dark wood countertops and ocher walls finish off the look.

Andrea Schumacher Interiors

I cannot seem to write about dining rooms without including this photo. Though the area is relatively big, the extended dining couch, wingback host and hostess seats, red dining seats, cocktail room, rug, window trim and soft wall shade make it unique and so inviting.

Carson Poetzl, Inc..

I will end with the type of space I explained at the start. I am just a sucker for a round wood dining table in a dining room with stone walls, exposed beams, upholstered seats and of course, a roaring fireplace.

More: 20 of those Coziest Kitchens About

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10 Vibrant Midcentury Modern Living Rooms

Let’s just be honest. As amazing as it is with that gently curving teak and those blank lines, midcentury modern can be a little, well, primitive occasionally. At its best it’s filled with color, art and playfulness. At its worst, it’s a bleak Soviet vibe.

All these midcentury beauties have the ability to do it just right — to maintain their true midcentury cred without sacrificing whimsy, nature and color. In some cases they are downright comfy, proving that midcentury does not have to stick to a lockstep minimalism to be authentic.

LDa Interiors & Architecture

These furnishings possess the clean, simple lines of great Danish modern, but the layered designs and textures in the rugs, pillows and upholstery give it warmth.

Jan Skacelik

The decoration is pure midcentury blue blood, right down to the Saarinen Tulip Chair along with the trio of Nelson lights. But due to the bright white paint along with the marigold-yellow couch, it’s likewise cheery and welcoming.

Dufner Heighes Inc

This chamber is 1950s. Can not you just picture a few sipping martinis on that couch?

Johnson Berman

Clean, simple and uncluttered. But with a mixture of textures and patterns in the rugs and lots and lots of natural lighting.

Hammer Architects

If the 1970s counted as midcentury, then that low-slung living space, built around the gorgeous Fireorb fireplace, would be on the mark.


The midcentury modern version of the cozy cottage, complete with patchwork rug.

SHKS Architects

The pedestal table, the spindle clock along with the Jen Risom sofa seats are midcentury icons. But the room has not gone overboard with its own theme. It seems contemporary.

Even without a great deal of color, this impeccably put-together midcentury room includes warmth. It’s partially because the bones of the Spanish home seem to be much, much older.

Kristen Rivoli Interior Design

A Moebius side table puts the mid century tone here. Nevertheless, the contemporary art, bright accessories and upholstery make the room bright and unique.

Shirley Meisels

Some traditional pieces — including a shag rug! — a minimalist strategy, and a simple tricolor palette give this space a very calm, quiet feel.

John Lum Architecture, Inc.. AIA

It’s bright, easy and open with the right icons, however, the ceiling is what actually makes it. Nobody did wood and white like the designers of the midcentury.


Another comfy version of midcentury. Rather than sterile and serious, this room seems fun and lighthearted.

Watch more midcentury and modern decorating guides

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Layout Calendar: May 24–June 14, 2012

Play Home in a Time Space in Brooklyn or get crafty at Chicago’s Randolph Street Market Using a DIY workshop. Whether scoring the great antique wood carving or sussing out the newest modern product is something, our roundup of events has something to you.

West Architecture Studio

TOUR — June 9–10, 2012
Modern Atlanta Home Tour

Among the modern homes selected for this year’s self-guided Modern Atlanta home tour, curated by AIA Atlanta, are a farmhouse inspired by Edward Hopper paintings and the modern live-work area of TaC Studios. See how a number of the designers efficiently incorporate sustainable materials and green construction practices with digital technology. Designers include Dencity, Lightroom, Plexus R+D, Clark & Zook and West Architecture Studio (photograph).

Hours: 10:30 a.m.–4 p.m.
Price: $35; $25 students. Purchase tickets online

EXHIBIT — May 25–Aug. 26, 2012
“Playing House”
Brooklyn Museum, 200 Eastern Pkwy., Brooklyn, New York

See how four modern artists changed eight period rooms to bridge the past and current. Betty Woodman decked outside a dining room (photograph) with color-saturated ceramics and paintings; Mary Lucier set up video which plays right on the antique furniture Ann Agee altered a artist studio and Anne Chu attracted nature inside via mixed media.

Hours: Thursday, 11 a.m.–10 p.m.; Wednesday and Friday–Sunday, 11 a.m.–6 p.m.; closed Monday and Tuesday
Price: $12 suggested contribution

MARKET — May 26–27, 2012
Randolph Street Market
Plumbers Hall, 1340 W. Washington, Chicago

The Randolph Street Market is home to four indoor-outdoor markets, including the popular Chicago Antique Market. Shop for that special vintage brooch at Modern Vintage Chicago or some handmade present at the Indie Designer Industry. Take in the spring sunshine around the grounds, learn how to sew at a DIY demonstration from The Sewing Maniac, get urban farming information from the Urban Canopy and visit hundreds of other sellers.

Hours: Saturday, 10 a.m.–6 p.m.; Sunday, 10 a.m.–5 p.m.
Price: $10 at the gate, $8 in advance; $5 students, $3 in advance. Purchase tickets online

FAIR — June 7–17, 2012
Olympia International Fine Art & Antiques Fair
Olympia Exhibition Centre, Grand Hall, Olympia Way, London W14 8UX

The Olympia fair draws a large audience of celebrities and other fine art and antiques fans looking for high-caliber pieces. Lectures on topics in the “Trophies of this Russian War” into midcentury cloths are also on the program. See the full schedule

Hours: June 7, 12, 14: 11 a.m.–9 p.m.; June 9–11, 13, 15–16: 11 a.m.–7 p.m.; June 17:
11 a.m.–5 p.m.
Price: #55 Record day; #10 single entrance; #18 entrance for two; #8 students and seniors.Buy tickets online

SHOW — June 11–13, 2012
Merchandise Mart, 222 Merchandise Mart Plaza, Chicago

Hear from former Chicago mayor Richard M. Daley and catch up on design trends, products and interior design concepts for homes, offices, healthcare providers, resorts and institutional spaces at this design exposition and conference. Take your choice from more than 120 CEU-accredited conventions and see what neighborhood design students and emerging designers are around in a special student exhibition.

Hours: 9 a.m.–5 p.m.
Price: Expo is free with preregistration, $25 onsite; CEU conventions are $55 with preregistration, $65 onsite. Register online

EXPO — June 5–7, 2012
E3: Electronic Entertainment Expo
Los Angeles Convention Center, 1201 S. Figueroa St., Los Angeles

Whether you’re eagerly awaiting another Half-Life setup or you’re working on your own hit video game, E3 is the place to be if you’re in the electronic entertainment industry. Play games soon to appear on screens in living rooms and home media centres, capture demos of new products and watch the most up-to-date in groundbreaking interactive technologies for computers, video game consoles and handheld devices.

Hours: Tuesday, 12–6 p.m.; Wednesday, 10 a.m.–6 p.m.; Thursday, 10 a.m.–5 p.m.
Price: Open to commerce and business professionals only. Register online

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