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8 Tips To Prevent Mold

There are different ways of preventing and dealing with cleaning services Huntsville AL. They all revolve around one thing; controlling moisture. As long as moisture accumulates anywhere, mold growth is a possibility. Mold is useful in making penicillin and bri and for the decomposition process, however, when growing in your home, house cleaning Huntsville AL can be dangerous.

The spread of mold spores is difficult to eradicate. It grows virtually anywhere, and it gets worse if it grows in places that are beyond your sight, like around condensing pipes and behind drywalls. Clearing mold is expensive. The allergens that it generates can be toxic, and the risk to your health is not worth taking.

The following are some easy ways of fighting indoor moisture:

Use Mold Resistant Products

Whether you are renovating your home or building a new one, you should use products that are mold resistant. These include mold inhibitors, mold-resistant drywall, and sheetrock. Mold-resistant drywall uses fiberglass instead of paper, which keeps the surface water resistant.

Monitor Indoor Humidity

According to the EPA, you should keep the indoor temperatures between 30 and 60%. Visit any local store and get a moisture meter. There are some areas in the house that are potential risk areas for mold growth, like pipes, windows and anywhere else with excess water usage. You should address the problem as soon as you spot it.

Identify Problem Areas

The thing about dealing with mold is that you can easily spot the problem areas. It might not be easy to make your home mold-proof but it’s possible to reduce the risk. Problems like a flooded basement, condensation on your windows or a leaking ceiling should be dealt with as soon as possible.

You should do mold remediation as early as possible, instead of waiting for things to get out of hand when the damage might be too extensive and expensive to repair.

Dry Wet Areas

It’s impossible for mold to grow without moisture. If you notice any wet spots in the house or around it, deal with them accordingly. Clear basement seepage immediately after a heavy rain, and dry any spills on your carpets. There’re these simple things that when ignored will eventually create a good environment for mold growth.

Drain Water Away From Your Home

In case the ground around your home slopes towards the foundation, look into ways of draining water away from the compound. Water that collects in the basement or crawlspace is the perfect recipe for maid service Huntsville AL.

Clean And Repair Roof Gutters

An inefficient roofing system can easily see your home have a mold problem. Repair any leaks in the roof. Make sure the gutters are not leaking or damaged. Clean the roof from time to time, and in the process, inspect the roofing and gutter system for damage.

Improve Air Flow

Most people struggle with mold because of the lack of proper airflow in their homes. When temperatures are low, the air does not hold a lot of moisture. If there’s no proper air flow in the house, you might notice moisture on the floor, windows, and walls.

That’s why you should keep your furniture away from the walls and leave doors between rooms open so that the air can move freely.

Prevent Moisture With Proper Ventilation

There are activities that you engage in that might actually encourage mold growth. When you cook in the kitchen, do your laundry or any other task that involves water, but you do not have proper ventilation in the house, you will have a mold problem.

Check your HVAC system if it’s in good condition. Make sure the windows and doors do not have obstructions. When you are cooking, keep a window open so air can flow freely.