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10 Beautiful Porches Ideas

A beautiful porch provides an opportunity for homeowners to extend their outdoor living space. A quality and elegant porch can be the perfect place to relax after a long day of work and enjoy the outdoor weather sipping a glass of wine or a cup of coffee. The great thing is that there are so many innovative Boca Raton landscaping designs that you can explore.

Whether you are looking for something minimalistic or sophisticated, the simple design ideas below will suit you:

Rustic Porch

You can add a measure of vintage style to your home with rustic porch designs. They feature rich wood textures and a simple cozy fireplace to keep you warm during cold nights. Add some unique furniture from local craftsmen and that’s it.

Entertaining Porch

Porches are designed to connect your indoor space to your outdoor environment. They provide an entertaining space where you can sit and enjoy. Add a dining area and an additional visitation area for guests who come along.

Screened Porch

In case you want to fully add versatility in function to your porch, then an additional layer of screens is highly advised. There are so many design options for screening the porch and most tend to be quite affordable.

Breezy Porch

It’s already established that porches are meant to offer a relaxing outdoor environment. Well, consider adding ceiling fans to the overall design for a breezy and airy experience.

Tropical Porch

Consider adding customized detailing on the columns and posts of your porch for the ultimate tropical experience. Any detailing will work as long as it’s simple and tropically themed.

Classic Front Porch

You can also decide to be as traditional as possible. All you need is to add some vintage style furniture and a basic vintage design.

Cottage Porch

When it comes to cottage themed green has to be the go-to color. Consider adding green screens too and some plant life to compliment the overall design.

Southern Porch

A typical southern porch design will include a number of things. First, you must get some wooden rocking chairs and a simple porch swing to match. Also, don’t forget to mix the paint colors a little bit.

Trendy Porch

If you are a contemporary homeowner, you may decide to go for a few trendy designs too. Start by including drapery panels to help control the amount of sunlight that comes through. Add a few stylish and bold fabrics on furniture and the walls.  This will be the perfect “sunbrella” design for you.

Laguna Porch

Finally, try your luck with this simple laguna porch design. Comfort is the most important thing here. Incorporate weather-resistant fabrics on the design and additional relaxation spaces. The porch needs to be the exact extension of your indoor living room with comfortable furniture and comfortable seating options.

Well, in case you are looking to build quality lawn service Boca Raton anytime soon, the simple ideas above will offer the most ideal options for you.