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The Family Home: Kid-Friendly Bathrooms

Sharing a bath with kids may be a test of patience. Kids can be messy and disorganized, and they usually have a lot of stuff. In my house two bathrooms are shared by my family of seven. Both are spacious, which is lovely, but we did include some elements in the layout that help everyone remain sane and clean. Listed below are my top eight hints if you’re arranging a family bathroom or just searching for ways to make your current bathroom more family friendly.

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1. Purchase a step stool. Or even better, have one built into your vanity like the one pictured here. Vanities are usually designed for usage. Should you create the faucet and other necessities your kids will require in easier reach, it makes your job keeping them clean easier.


2. Contain shelving. Kids have an easier time locating things when they are in plain sight. The open shelving within this vanity retains towels, but you could also use this space to store bath toys.


3. Ditch the towel bar. When planning our bathrooms, instead of choosing towel bars, we picked for hooks. The kids hang up their towels on their own, and I never have to bother with refolding or adjusting.

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4. Opt for a huge sink. If your toilet has the space, think about a large trough sink instead of double sinks. The bigger sink can accommodate more hands simultaneously and is faster to wash.

5. Use family photos as artwork. Kids love seeing images of these. Rather than hanging a typical landscape, create things private by choosing family photos to adorn your walls.

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6. Install wainscoting. You most likely already know how rough kids can be on walls, particularly in tight areas. Installing wainscoting not only will help protect your sheetrock from scratches and dents, but it is going to add character to your space.

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7. Add more storage. Storage at a toilet is vital. Storage in a toilet that kids use is crucial. They’ve hooded towels, special soaps, toothbrushes that spin and bath toys. Fantastic the bath toys need their cupboard! The cute cabinet over the toilet in this image is the best example of working with every bit of space feasible for storage.

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8. Consider full wall tile. This is an especially good tip for the backsplash. Kids tend to dash around while washing their own hands on. A backsplash that continues up into the ceiling will protect your wall from becoming soggy.

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