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Elegant Updates for a 1928 Bungalow

RealtorChris Berry specializes in selling houses in conservation districts and historic areas, and has always been attracted to the architecture of older houses due to their character. “There is something about those old houses that feels super solid to me,” he states. “And this might seem absurd, but I love the sound of the train at the distance. There is something nostalgic about it speaks to me.”

Berry shares his 1928 house at a historic San Antonio, Texas, neighborhood along with his fiancée, Paige Blend; they’re both musical theatre actors. Collectively they’ve handled multiple home improvement jobs — remodeling a bathroom, refinishing the garden apartment and landscaping the entire property — while attempting to honor their residence’s early-20th-century roots.

Who lives here: Chris Berry, Paige Blend and their dogs, Tyson, Echo, Ruuq and Junebug
Size: 1,400 square feet; two bedrooms, 1 bathroom
Location: Monte Vista Historical District of San Antonio, Texas
Year built: 1928

Sarah Greenman

Berry and Blend did not really feel like the home had been house until they landscaped front and rear lawns in 2011. Previously the landscape was a plain patch of dirt. Once Berry planted trees, grass and shrubs, “the home actually became a little bit of paradise,” he states.

Berry unabashedly refers to Monte Vista as “the ideal neighborhood in San Antonio,” and credits the wide streets, varied architecture and large trees with bringing him to the section of town. “Taking the dogs on a walk isn’t a chore when you have great houses to look at and large, old trees shading the road,” Blend states. Most of the houses in the neighborhood were built between 1890 and the 1940s.

Sarah Greenman

A neutral, neutral palette keeps each space bright and light. The Brick fireplace supports a huge wood mantel beam which has bent slightly over time. “I love all of the quirks that come along with possessing old houses,” Berry says.

Sofa: Armoires & Accents

Sarah Greenman

Front door is first to the home, as are all of the flooring.

The few likes to groom their house with secondhand furniture from antiques stores and estate sales, like the coffee table and side table. But they also keep their eyes open for bargains in retail stores. The armchair here is from Cost Plus World Market.

Sarah Greenman

The movie is a 1938 Baldwin, revived by Tom Masinter. The frames above display old sheet songs. Blend has three of those four framed songs in performances. “We’re both musical theatre actors, and we live five minutes away in both theaters we both operate at,” states Blend.

Area rug: Pottery Barn

Sarah Greenman

The circular window in the front end of the kitchen overlooks the garden; it had been installed by the previous owner. “When you walk, you immediately discover that the home has good energy and good bones,” states Blend. “Hardwood flooring and intriguing windows actually steal the show.”

Sarah Greenman

Natural light pours through the kitchen window and also illuminates the slate counters, which offer a nice contrast to the white cabinets. The ample light makes it possible for the couple to grow potted flowers and herbs in the kitchen.

Sarah Greenman

Original hardwood flooring extend from one end of the house to another. At the end of the kitchen is a breakfast nook.

Sarah Greenman

The breakfast corner shares space with an integrated butler’s pantry, which is unique to the home. The office area contrary to the pantry is a newer addition.

Pendant mild: The Home Depot

Sarah Greenman

Combining households is obviously a fascinating journey, but the two owners share a common aesthetic. “We have very similar flavor, therefore it was simple to combine items when Paige moved to the home,” says Berry. “We both look for striking, different, original pieces with classic components.”

Duvet cover: Organic Cotton Pintuck at Soot, West Elm

Sarah Greenman

Blend transformed this 1920s-style dressing area, just off the master suite, into her home office. The white desk is handmade and has been made for Blend by SB Designs.

Upholstered seat: Marseilles Chair, Restoration Hardware Outlet at San Marcos, Texas

Sarah Greenman

French doors lead into the master bedroom, although the two doors at the front end of the dressing room lead to a small closet and the house’s only toilet.

Black cupboard: Hobby Lobby

Sarah Greenman

Sarah Greenman

The few most recently renovated their toilet. Tile was falling off in the shower, so they removed it and installed subway tile with black grout in the bathtub into the ceiling. After seeing a local coffee store bathroom that utilized plumbing pipe as toilet hardware, Berry made the toilet paper holder and towel bars from pipe in The Home Depot. The couple kept prices down by doing all of the work.

Paint: Intellectual Gray, Sherwin-Williams; mat: Winding Vines Bathmat, Gray, Anthropologie; subway tile: The Home Depot

Sarah Greenman

Tucked away in the rear of the property is a 650-square-foot guesthouse that accommodates visiting friends and family. The few refinished the apartment and installed a small kitchen to make a completely outfitted apartment.

“It is just a stone’s throw away from our door, but it provides privacy with a bedroom plus their own bathroom,” Blend states. “This is an ideal little apartment.”

Sarah Greenman

The couple installed all of the landscaping in the garden, following a design in a local landscaper, that also installed a puppy run to the remaining patio (not shown). The couple has since spent many hours planting trees, trees, flowers and grass. Says Berry, “Rather than watching TV, we operate in the garden.”

Patio furniture: JCPenney

Sarah Greenman

Berry and Blend, revealed here, love to sit in the rocking chairs on front porch and sip wine while neighbors wander by. “Home is where you place the foundation of your lives,” states Blend. “It does not necessarily have to be a home, but in our situation, our home is our property.”

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A Australian Circus Family's Home Juggles Extra Room

High ceilings would be liked by A lot of people . But Australian couple Nigel Martin and Louise Clarke Necessary the extra headroom. Circus actors with Bamboozled Productions, the couple updated their 1890 bluestone cottage with an extension to allow lots of space for juggling, practicing show patterns and adapting to a constant stream of traveling actors.

The home is within, ahem, unicycling distance of the Adelaide central business district, and the couple collaborated closely with designer-builder Philip Monaghan to tailor it for their needs. But unlike the couple’s carefully orchestrated and practiced carnival patterns, the design procedure was more natural. “Home design is instinctual for me,” Clarke says. “I don’t have any established formula; I just go with what I think could work and hope for the best.”

at a Glance
Who lives here:
Louise Clarke and Nigel Martin with their kids, Jai (age 16) and Onni (two)
Location: Norwood, South Australia
Size: 140 square meters (1,507 square feet); 4 bedrooms, two bathrooms and a home office
Price: Extension: $354,000 Australian (about U.S.$339,521); garden: $61,000 Australian (about U.S.$58,895)

Jeni Lee

The aim was to create a home that would be cozy and warm in the winter, yet cool in the summer — and of course would have room for Martin (shown here) to manage. “I think we could have been more experimental. I threw from the rammed-earth walls last moment, but I knew they’d work, and I love them,” says Clarke.

Sofa: Jardan; Persian rug: Kavir Rug Gallery; chairs: Flourish Gift and Home; side table: handmade, Council of Things; credenza: Danish, Hans J. Wegner; Roman dividers: Rainfords

Jeni Lee

A connected layout helps the relatives keep an eye on one another’s routines. Clarke, from the bathroom here, states, “I can stand at the kitchen chair and see Onni from the tub while conversing with Jai in the living room and others in the kitchen, and watch outside all at precisely the same time.” That’s Onni on the bench and Jai from the door.

Sink: Oliveria; sink fixture: Methven; couch: Jardan; tiles: Eco Tile Factory

Jeni Lee

The counters have been custom made using recycled jarrah timber, a very sustainable and durable hardwood from Western Australia. Windows help deliver northern lighting in.

Benchtops: Total Joinery

Jeni Lee

Philip Monaghan constructed the 10-seat dining table, windows and door frames from recycled jarrah.

Art: David Bromley, Flourish Gift and Home; kimono storage: Church Studios; pendant lighting: David Turbridge

Jeni Lee

Block-mounted circus posters have been clustered onto one main artwork wall in Jai’s room with a huge painting by Martin’s grandfather, Western Australian artist John Lunghi. Martin based on a drawing the painting as a boy.

Plantation shutters: Rainfords; jute rug: Ikea

Jeni Lee

This teenager’s retreat includes a loft bed, making extra space for audio and circus practice.

Pendant light: Ikea

Jeni Lee

The music room includes built-in storage for circus gear and a foldout bed for guests.

Rug: hand-tufted Persian, Kavir Rug Gallery

Jeni Lee

The master bedroom features original hardwood floors, a traditional Victorian fireplace and ceiling roses, an Indian bedspread and a Chinese brush painting.

Nighstands: Like Butter; table lamps: Ikea

Jeni Lee

The contemporary bathroom includes Moroccan-style wall tiles in a stunning shade of turquoise and a hand-crafted silver-plated light colour. The floor tiles are rough-cut slate.

Tiles: Eco Tile Factory; fixtures: Methven; basin: Villeroy & Boch

Jeni Lee

The home office is a transitional room between the old cabin and the brand new extension at the back. It was the original lounge room and has a combustion woodstove.

The couch and trestle table are secondhand locates, and the storage cabinet is a classic painted Tibetan cabinet. The art is by John Lunghi.

Rug: Birds of Passage; wall stencil: Scandinavian Design Center; chairs: Hans Wegner replicas, Church Studios

Jeni Lee

As frequent travelers residing in a drought-prone region, Martin and Clarke had a self-sufficient garden with drought-tolerant plants. The couple worked with designer Caroline Dawes and Stuart McHaffie of Garden Partner to create a low-maintenance landscape fed by rainwater tanks.

The couple wanted the layout of the garden to reflect the home, so the decks and collecting areas are all placed at different angles and use many unique materials.

When Clarke is not on the road, her favourite spot to be is to the patio, sitting on a beanbag with the fire lit and looking back at the home. “I always think I live here; that’s amazing; it is beautiful,” she states.

Jeni Lee

A small courtyard connects the main home with a fourth bedroom, currently setup as a music room. The main bathroom also overlooks this personal courtyard.

Jeni Lee

Corrugated iron, a classic Australian construction material, partially clads the new extension. Hebel was also used as cladding because of its insulating qualities. The window frames were all made by Philip Monaghan by hand from recycled jarrah timber.

Jeni Lee

The symmetrical bluestone outside is heritage listed and has a distinctive California bungalow gate. Wisteria paths over the classic Australian veranda.

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Modern Homes Embrace Mixed Views on Windows

Modern residential architecture could possibly be sensed as glass walls, however most houses of the ilk have smaller windows, rather than full window walls. Which leads to this question? Should a window be tall, wide square, fixed, operable? These concerns apply to all homes, but given the freedom that modern design affords, they are more of a concern with this style compared to other people. This ideabook deals with these questions by considering four projects recently posted to .

1. Vetter Denk’s Champion residence in Wisconsinhas an interesting mixture of tall windows and flat ones. The two overlap on the right side of the photo.

One intersection of wide and tall occurs in the dining room. The tall window contrasts with all the table and is flanked by sliding windows that allow natural ventilation. The flat window frames a vista for people eating at the table, but the tall window connects this perspective to the immediate foreground.

The opposing side of this Champion residence is partly bermed into the landscape. Here the window dominates.

Back in the dining room, we see the way the window functions together with the kitchen. The windows sit above the counter height and then turn the corner to attract lots of light into the space. The operable window sits in the front of the sink, giving a wonderful breeze to whoever must clean the pans.

Welch Forsman Associates

2. I am fascinated by this “Sixties Spiffed” project from Welch Forsman Associates, because of the perspective it appears fairly solid. Where are the windows?

Welch Forsman Associates

Many of the windows are in reality clerestories, located above the level of the brick wall in the previous photo. A skylight, visible above the island, helps you to bring daylight into the middle of the home. While the home isn’t confined to clerestory windows, they ring the home, developing a halo-like effect that links the many rooms.

Welch Forsman Associates

In the toilet the clerestory is very nice, since it brings in light while providing privacy.

Faust Construction

3. The Shepherds residence, made by 360 Architects, can be intriguing. At the rear patio the walls are mostly solid, save a small window upstairs and 2 narrow windows below. I am guessing the upstairs window functions a bedroom, since it’s operable. But what about downstairs?

Faust Construction

The 2 windows really visually connect the kitchen into the yard. In between the two windows is a solid wall that is used to get a large built-in refrigerator.

M+A Architecture Studio

4. The Gulf Coast Farmhouse, made by M+A Architecture Studio, comprises these 3 angled bays that are highlighted by different colors. Their regularity, and the fact that the home is to get a family with three kids, points into their serving bedrooms.

M+A Architecture Studio

In the living room inside, these rooms are evident throughout the bright colors’ “leaking” through clerestory windows.

M+A Architecture Studio

Past the bedroom is a stretch of wall that is punctured by different openings in a strange pattern that has to arise from inside issues.

M+A Architecture Studio

These windows serve the bathroom. One window is in the shower, a lengthy one sits large, one is facing one of those lavs, and one is even found below the counter, in a gap between cabinets. It is an interesting way of selectively bringing light into a space that frequently suffers from small to none.

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Green Home Tucked at a Forest

After four generations of family summer vacations spent at their cottage in Roberts Creek, British Columbia, Bill and Carol Page understood this area on the Sunshine Coast is where they’d build their dream home after retirement. The environmentally conscious bunch worked with Montgomery Wood Architect to the majority of the design, using local timber and high tech sustainable attributes where they could. The Pages retained all of the cut-off material during construction and are now using the bits in handmade furniture. Inspired by the Arts and Crafts age, their home design is a lively mixture of fresh, contemporary lines and simple craftsmanship.

at a Glance
Who lives here: Bill and Carol Page
Location: Roberts Creek, Sunshine Coast, British Columbia
Size: 1,600 square feet; two bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, office, workshop, spacious garage
That’s intriguing: Rainwater kept in a cistern under the sun deck is used for irrigation and a koi fish tank.

Ryan Nelson Photography

The few took advantage of their long, narrow lot by placing the house to the back and opening the bright front to get a garden, a driveway and a deck.

Carol’s bent for growing and her experience working at theDevonian Botanic Garden at the University of Alberta helped turn their front garden into a lush oasis. She also planted a lively mixture of hydrangeas, Russian sage, elder, montbretia,Euphorbia, daylilies, Kinnikinnick, clematis,honeysuckle, bamboo, daisies, black-eyed Susan, dogwoodand showy stonecrop — among many different plants.

Ryan Nelson Photography

Rather than interfere with the sun deck at the front, the homeowners put the door to the side of this lot and let the entryway into bisect the dwelling and private areas of the house.

The local cedar siding was hand-dipped in a stain by a local painter to protect the timber from weather and boost the color’s longevity. Painted a forest green, two trim accents were utilized: rough-cut Douglas fir and stained vertical-grain Douglas fir, which carries on inside the house.

Ryan Nelson Photography

Front deck wraps around the face of the house.

Ryan Nelson Photography

The main living room opens onto the sun deck and the kitchen; windows make good use of this whole lot’s southwest orientation.

The design highlights the progression from backyard to deck into dwelling spaces and then private locations. Clean and simple buttery walls match the warmth of this timber siding outside.

Ryan Nelson Photography

The big central island serves as a prep and dining space.

Ryan Nelson Photography

The spacious floor plan, the vaulted ceiling and the skylights make an airy feel in the living areas.

Freshly cut hydrangeas in the backyard are an instant centerpiece.

Ryan Nelson Photography

Glass doors connect the home’s interior with its lawn.

A furnace that is efficient, on-demand hot water and in-slab heating keep the house warm in the winter. However, strategic window placement along with the insulated thermal mass of the concrete flooring mean heating is seldom required.

Ryan Nelson Photography

Steel spindles from a Vancouver company were a successful design experiment.

Ryan Nelson Photography

The upstairs home office overlooks the primary roof and provides an opinion of the Georgia Strait.

Ryan Nelson Photography

The upstairs bathroom is straightforward and pragmatic, with a huge tub and dual-flush toilets.

Ryan Nelson Photography

Carol’s upstairs sewing area also looks out to the front of the house and the Georgia Strait.

Ryan Nelson Photography

Efficient multipurpose spaces promote circulation into different areas of the house. The laundry area area also functions as the back hallway, leading to the downstairs storage area along with the garage and shop areas out the back. Large light wells on each side of the space welcome light to the home’s deepest areas.

Ryan Nelson Photography

The lower patio is enveloped by Carol’s backyard — a refuge secluded in plain sight. Carol maintains an edible garden with a wide selection, including beans, lettuce, raspberries, cucumber, squash, swiss chard, kale, chives and leeks.

The couple is responsible for all of the landscape design, plantings and built structures. Many of the plantings are heirlooms from different families’ homes around British Columbia and Alberta, and lots of the new plantings are native species.

Ryan Nelson Photography

The cottage style of Roberts Creek lends itself well to a massive setback site, instead of a tight urban cloth. The house almost blends into the woods. Carol and Bill’s home is now a destination for future generations of their family to enjoy annually.

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Eclectic Eichler at Northern California

After Jennifer Jones, owner of this San Francisco boutique Candy Store Collective, first saw the Eichler home in Oakland, California, which would turn into her house, she was wowed by the viewpoints: a giant expanse of the San Francisco Bay, right behind the swimming pool.

However, Joseph Eichler’s iconic design principles of lighting, air and willingness were the actual selling points for Jones, a classic and midcentury collector having a great eye for pavement treasure.

When she set about filling the chambers, she discovered that she wanted a bit of assistance. There was a lot of space, and every room appeared to appear through the central courtyard onto every other room. She enlisted her friend and designer Nicole Socia, and together they set out to decorate the home, a rental, mostly using the things Jones already needed, adding a couple things and, obviously, keeping it very private.

What they came up with is sort of a modern period piece — a bohemian, artistic pad (should not houses like this always be called pads?) That is both private and iconic. Bonus: It did not cost a lot.

in a Glance
Who lives here: Jennifer Jones and Caleb Poterbin
Location: Oakland, California
Size: 4 bedrooms, two bathrooms
That is intriguing: Jones was Searching for furniture on Craigslist when she saw that the Eichler listing. She and Poterbin leased it having no prior plans to proceed.

Eichler epitomized the California modern aesthetic. These are the house’s first light fixtures, ceilings and floors. The majority of Jones’ furniture has been either found on the road or bought cheaply in flea markets.

The large, open living room is kept uncluttered and airy (long, custom shelves along the wall are because of her well-curated ranges ). The lines are mostly midcentury, and the colours are all neutral.

This is one of two classic white chairs Jones scored on Craigslist, alongside a shag beanbag from PB Teen. Plants in every room include a natural appearance and keep the home from feeling overly static.

An aluminum side table reflects the numerous glass walls from the home and plays with the airy feeling. As do the air plants.

You will find plant vignettes that are small everywhere. The majority of them are in white planters, and they add a touch of lively life.

The eat-in kitchen is supplied with a pair of brown acrylic chairs in the’70s. This is indeed swinging.

From the very small den area outside the kitchen, books are stacked by color. Jones calls it her”bookshelf made of books.”

The Frem Røjle Danish modern dining set was bought for”supercheap,” states Jones, in Portland, Oregon. Its bones are pure midcentury modern.

This oil bar was Jones’ first-ever classic purchase. A must for the grooviest cocktail parties.

A classic nassa shell lampshade in the Philippines. Similar ones can be found on eBay or even in beachside trinket stores.

The master bedroom is small (as was the style back then) and supplied in Jones’ trademark simple vintage style (with blossoms, always with crops ). The dresser is a flea market find, and she discovered that the round mirror in a street in San Francisco. Yes, she is lucky, but it is because she keeps her eyes peeled.

The first Eichler sliding glass doors offer an expansive view of the garden along with the San Francisco Bay beyond it. An Ikea sheepskin covers a discovered vintage chair.

Jones enjoys antique paintings of California landscapes. She collects them in flea markets and garage sales.

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Italian Country Cottage at California

Nestled near California’s San Jose Municipal Rose Garden is Stan and Cynthia Ostrowski’s 1950s home, where country casual blends with Italian influences. The homeowners had searched the marketplace for a year and almost given up when they stumbled upon the land, which was in desperate need of renovation. Seeing the structural potential, the house was purchased by them. Then, using DIY skills, inspiration in their journeys to Italy, and Cynthia’s childhood memories of her grandmother’s home in Wyoming, the couple remodeled the home into an inviting area.

in a Glance
Who lives here: Stan and Cynthia Ostrowski
Location: San Jose, California
Size: 1,300 square feet
That’s intriguing: Cynthia made many of the curtains and decorative cushions in the home

The kitchen has three big openings to other rooms adjoining it along with a lack of natural light, so Stan and Cynthia’s obstacle was locating a contractor who knew their vision for a comfy, practical space.

Cynthia made the distance himself, plus they finally found someone to attack the little, unique angles. With the addition of yellow fabric she personalized the distance. See-through cabinetry shows off her collection of dishes that are white.

The pair entertains frequently and desired a built-in breakfast bar to serve as a dining room and conversation space in kitchen. The white and blue porcelain sugar, coffee and tea plantations are from Pier Deux in Carmel,California.

Bar stools: Pottery Barn; placemats and napkins: Williams-Sonoma; dishes: Anthropologie

Wood-paneled drawers provide ample storage to the major cooking hub. The couple designed a custom range hood to match the soft golden wall color and chosen complementary blue accent tiles. Upgraded dual-pane ovens are adjacent to the cooker. Cynthia’s collection of cookbooks from her travels in Europe are retained within close reach.

Cynthia’s side-panel curtains are attached to knob hooks on both sides of the sliding patio door; creating a unique alternative to a conventional curtain rod. The dining area is outfitted with an understated chandelier. The fabric and sticks for the curtains are from Calico Corners. The floor is original to the home.

Chairs: Ballard Designs; dining table: Pottery Barn

Stan and Cynthia’s daughter gave them this painting, which utilizes her mother’s favorite colours and Vincent van Gogh because the main inspiration. Accent plates frame the painting, and it creates a cheerful focus for the dining room. The couple purchased both smaller plates in flea markets in France and Belgium.

Cynthia tied in all their design palette colors in the dining room area by creating a custom made chair and cushion in blues and reds, then adding curtains in yellow.

This blue chair is Cynthia’s favorite furniture bit; she enjoys sitting inside to look out on their backyard. It is an inherited antique that Cynthia reupholstered with new fabric, and she included the red pillow.

Stan needed a neutral room in the house to function as a reading den. Cynthia found an antique settee and had it refinished and re-covered with new fabric. A tarnished golden antique lamp has been restored as a lighting source for the room. Cynthia sewed the accent cushions to match, and made the curtains in this area with her Pierre Deux fabric and designed.

A collection of porcelain boxes from antiques shops seen on Cynthia’s journeys is on display in the family room on a reading table.

The snowy, soothing master bedroom offers a place of escape. Dashes of pink in the accent pillow provide a focus in the room, along with the patterned bird curtains invite the outside in.

A rustic blue bird feeder hangs from a tulip tree.

What Stan and Cynthia adore most in their neighborhood is its location in the South Bay area of the San Francisco Bay Area, and that it’s within walking distance to the Municipal Rose Garden, where they may enjoy seasonal blooms.

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6 Great New Programs for a Vintage Dresser

When I’m shopping at a flea market or antique shop, I usually place at least one classic dresser with a low profile along with three long drawers. Sure, dressers are traditionally utilized to store clothing in your bedroom. However, these low dressers also sit at that perfect elevation for use around the house as a changing table, bathroom vanity, media cabinet, sideboard, or home bar. So the next time you see a dresser you adore (but don’t need for your bedroom), think outside the box. There’s a special charm that a classic dresser adds to a room.

Changing table. Capture the classic style you would like for your little girl’s nursery using a low classic dresser as a changing table. Who says you have to use the standard nursery furniture? The height and width of this classic dresser is simply right.

Hint: Most changing tables come with a tray to maintain your changing mat in place. If you’re using a classic dresser as the changing table, be sure to put quilted contact paper under so that the mat does not go around with your infant.

Amy Lambert Lee

Wow, this mirrored dresser utilized as a changing table adds a large dose of glam into the nursery. And I’m sure baby will adore looking at herself in the mirrored surface.

Annette Tatum

Give a classic dresser a fresh coat of paint for an instant new look. Here, the changing table channels a beach-y cabin vibe.

Hint: If you’re considering buying a vintage dresser as a changing table, check the elevation. The average elevation of a changing table is all about 36″ high, and it will be a comfortable height for you — so you’re not bending too low or reaching baby.

Nicole Lanteri Design

This low yellow dresser is sure to be the focus of this nursery. There’s readily space for a changing pad and provides. Once baby is potty-trained, this necklace would make a stunning piece for her big-girl room.

Cynthia Mason Interiors

Turn a dresser into a sink vanity. I’ve seen this design concept lots of times, and I’ll never tire of it. If I ever own a home, I definitely need to scout out a beautiful dresser to turn into my own one-of-a-kind bathroom sink.

TIP: You’ll need a vessel sink to match with your non dresser to flip it to a sink vanity.

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc..

I really like the mix of styles you see with this sink vanity. A low classic dresser is paired with a vessel sink and modern faucet. The result is one eye piece bit for your bathroom.

Bar. This low dresser fits flawlessly by the window because a miniature home bar. And there are drawers to shop entertaining supplies. I much prefer this design to normal bar carts: this outfit looks so grownup and chic.

Kati Curtis Design

Buffet. This low dresser looks right at home in a living room — it might easily be utilized as a buffet by the dining table. Or I could see my husband’s flatscreen TV looking fairly sitting on the top.

Castro Design Studio

Sideboard. Using a plate rack over, you may use a low dresser as a sideboard by your dining room. Store your flatware and tea towels in the drawers. This chamber has a modern cabin vibe that I adore.

Dreamy Whites

Dresser. It’s simple to conquer the top of your dresser with stuff. I would love for my dresser to look more as the dresser here. The surface of the dresser is spare of mess, which means that your eyes go to this piece’s lines.

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Guest Groups: 20 Finds for Your Modern Home Office

Bear in mind that saying,”A place for everything and everything in its place”? It couldn’t be more accurate than when designing a home office. While it’s important your space is a pleasing one to spend time in, it is equally important that the room provides operational work surfaces and storage. And of course, you want to surround yourself with beautiful things so you have a pleasant atmosphere in which to get your job done. If I could design my dream home office, it’d probably look a lot like this. — Michelle from Design Evolution

Design Within Reach

Nelson Swag Leg Desk – $2,149

In my view, there isn’t a more perfectly equipped desk proportioned to get a small home office. The footprint is miniature and also the slim swag legs don’t occupy a lot of visual space.

Design Within Reach

Airia Desk – $2,199

This desk is ideal for someone who does more out of a home office than pay the occasional bill. And if you fear the Nelson Swag Leg desk isn’t quite large enough, this one gets the same sleek modern appearance while providing more surface work space and hidden storage. Additionally, the storage cupboard is adorable.

Design Within Reach


Restoration Hardware

Devon Chair – $995

I find that the majority of desk chairs out that there are just plain awful. I know the focus of a task chair is supposed to be work, but there’s no reason a comfortable and practical desk chair can not likewise be beautiful. This one is padded and upholstered in glove leather, which means you can sit in it for hours. With a similar shape to the Arne Jacobsen Swan Chair, it looks as though it belongs in your home — not in a darkened cubicle.

Hand-Woven Kilim Burgundy Jute/ Wool Rug – $200.99

I adore an area rug to floor a space, but it is best to stay with flat weave rugs when decorating a office. This kilim will permit your table chair to roll easily.

Iron Kilim Cloth Seat Stool (India) – $145.99

Sometimes you only need to take a break from a difficult task day, roll away from the desk, place your feet up on a stool like this one and unwind.

Schoolhouse Electric

Task Lab Light – $219

Task lighting is actually important. This table lamp is unique and reminiscent of laboratory equipment.

Schoolhouse Electric

Lift Lamp – $99

I really like to have pairs of dining table and task lamps that match each other but are not exact matches. This elevator lamp would look perfect with the Task Lab Light.

Modern Desk Accessories – $30

Slick and modern, this affordable set of desk accessories made by Poppin adds instant style to a home office.

Kaufmann Mercantile

Blackwing Drawing Pencils (Box of 12) – $19.90

These are, undoubtedly, the most thoughtfully designed writing pencils in existence.

Kaufmann Mercantile

Dux Adjustable Brass Pencil Sharpener – $19.90

What could match the perfect writing pencil better than the usual brass pencil sharpener made in Germany? It comes with its own leather carrying case.

Ballard Designs

Provence Market Basket – $35

Sometimes the illusion of organization is all you require. A massive market basket is ideal for stashing a pile of magazines that’s cluttering up a work space.

kate spade new york

Kate Spade Paper Weight – $38

Why don’t you utilize a paperweight with lots of bling for your desktop computer?

Editions of 100


Cool artwork such as this makes a home workspace a far more desirable place to spend your time.

Double Merrick

“Good Science” Printing – EUR 55

This is just another great artwork print for a home office.

Better Living Through Design

2012 Stendig Calendar – $33

I look forward to buying this Stendig calendar made by Massimo Vignelli every year.

Tivoli Audio

Tivoli Model One Radio – $149.99

I can’t focus without music, and this Tivoli radio is the perfect union of contemporary styling and modern function.

Okay Art

Eames Side Chair Golden – EUR 1,625.71

This is just about the chicest (and most expensive) guest chair you can have in your home office.


Wood Animal Box: Whale – $49

Each room requires at least one quirky piece — it gives the space personality. This wooden storage box could be ideal for holding paper clips and other office ephemera.

Design Public

Schmitt Design Bloom Wall Clock – $268

How are you going to know when work is because unless you have a beautiful clock such as this one ticking away on your wall?

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