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Kitchen Luxuries: The Pizza Oven

Wood-burning ovens and Pizza are a favorite addition to luxury kitchens nowadays. Few meals beat the taste of a totally crisp pizza pie from one of these ovens, and they bake everything from bread into poultry, which makes them an incentive cooking center to your dream kitchen. In cold weather you can just start a flame and invite family and friends over to unwind while you cook in the front of the open fire pit.

Can a pizza oven be right for your next kitchen?

Applegate Tran Interiors

Ovens require careful planning and meticulous attention to detail. They require a concrete foundation to support the weight of the stone around the oven, which is a project best left to an expert mason. The oven’s inside ought to be produced from clay-fired bricks to stand up to high temperatures and hold the heat nicely. The exterior could be produced of any other fireproof material.

Ford Creative Group

Here a traditional stone outside complements the warm tones of this kitchen cabinetry.

Billy Beson Company

I really like this wood countertop has a few windows for visual interest when the oven is fired up.

TEA2 Architects

If you have a tendency to do larger meals or a lot of bread baking, then a rectangular oven provides more room for batch cooking and baking.

The French Tradition

Although you have to wait around for the oven to heat up, once it’s in full cooking style, your meals will really cook much faster. Plus, it offers the bonus of radiant heating.

I recommend including a space below the oven to store wood and kindling.

Veranda Homes

It generally takes one hour to one hour and a half to get a wood-fired oven to reach its optimal temperatures. A traditional stainless steel thermometer can help you discover the exact temperature; a few models come with temperature gauges. Keep in mind that you will want doors or some type of barrier before the fire to assist you get an accurate reading.

Paradise Restored Landscaping & Exterior Design

When the oven is heated, the heat is saved in the walls and radiates evenly round the inside dome. The flooring of the oven stays a few degrees cooler, which helps give pizzas a crispy exterior and a soft inside.

Don’t forget to obtain a pizza paddle!

Visbeen Architects

Custom pizza ovens are a large investment of money and time. If you need one built onsite, you will want to account for labour, material choice and the necessary chimney and enthusiast (which may add another $2,000 to the price). Overall I find these to be equal in price to some custom wood-burning fireplace.

There are portable and modular wood-burning-oven kits, which supply the same performance with no custom look. These kits have a tendency to vary from $6,500 to $13,000, depending on the dimensions and material.

Southview Design

If you don’t have the option to include a indoor wood-burning oven, then consider carving out a little bit of space at the yard to build a more compact version.

Whether or not you decide on an indoor or outdoor pizza oven, check the local building codes and talk with the building inspector prior to starting your project. Some municipalities do not allow exterior fireplaces or wood-burning ovens.

Can you have a indoor pizza oven? Please let’s your favourite way to use it in the Comments section below!

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Kitchen of the Week: Quaint Cottage Style at Historic Wilmington

This charming home had hardly been updated since its structure as part of a 1940s development for the port workers of Wilmington, North Carolina. The kitchen has been obsolete, but the home has a manageable size and superior bones, therefore it works perfectly as the client’s part-time residence. After gutting the original kitchen, designer Melanie Bowe reversed its location with that of a neighboring bedroom, opening it to your backyard and living space for a more modern layout. Vintage materials and plenty of classic accents add personality and patina that combines with the rest of the home.

Kitchen at a Glance
Location: Historical district ofWilmington, North Carolina
Size: 121 square feet

En Vie Interiors by Melanie Bowe

The brand new kitchen sits at the center rear of the home, using the outside and the living room. In the original layout it sat next to this room, which was formerly a bedroom, and has been closed off from the remainder of the home. Bowe switched the 2 spaces, turned a window into a double glass door and knocked down the wall between this room and the living room.

En Vie Interiors by Melanie Bowe

Bowe installed new reduced cabinetry and countertops on each side for a galley-style layout. Early-20th-century salvaged upper cupboards, complete with their original painted finish, add a sense of history. Antique brackets produce a shelf to the brand new range hood.

En Vie Interiors by Melanie Bowe

The kitchen sink sits on the opposite wall in the range and stove. This main sink includes a wall (and plumbing) with the original kitchen, currently a utility, laundry and pantry space. Here salvaged shelving, vintage art and Victorian glass drawer pulls combine with new Carrara countertops and cabinetry.

En Vie Interiors by Melanie Bowe

The kitchen’s galley-style layout fits the house’s age, but the new and open location feels more current. To incorporate the kitchen into the remainder of the home, Bowe opened the wall between this area and the living room using a brand new double door.

You can see into the kitchen and the garden as soon as you walk in the front doorway; the opinion straight through the home makes the home feel more expansive.

Floors: original oak

En Vie Interiors by Melanie Bowe

A 19th-century French fixture located on an antiquing trip hangs above a 20th-century painted worktable. As with the top chimney, the table’s worn, original paint finish adds texture.

Wall paint: Blue Bonnet, Benjamin Moore; dining chairs, table, rugs: vintage

En Vie Interiors by Melanie Bowe

This classic painted chest, also with its original finish, holds additional cutlery and serving dishes.

En Vie Interiors by Melanie Bowe

The owner uses this home part time and doesn’t need much storage. A small fridge and freezer to the left of the stove (not visible in these pictures) suit her perfectly.

Stove: Kenmore; teakettle: Le Creuset; hood: Nutone

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Idea of the Week: Customizable Dish Drawer

There are a whole lot of great organization methods for kitchen drawers, many needing custom work or help from a professional. A pegged dish stall, however, is something that you can set up yourself. The smart thought piqued our curiosity in a current Houzz User Kitchen of the Week, and we haven’t been able to get it out of our heads since.

If you’ve got a deep kitchen stall that’s turned into a rattling mishmash of dishes, then picking up a pegboard and dowels in the regional hardware store could provide you with the perfect solution. Have a look:


A deep drawer is a great way to put away dishes for people who want to keep above-counter shelving tidy — or to avoid shelving together. Obviously, the problem with trying to pile dishes neatly into a drawer is they can slosh around if you open and shut the drawer, inviting scrapes, chips and even breakage.

Pacific Northwest Cabinetry

Some cabinetry shops offer you a system very similar to what you find here. Additionally, it is a relatively easy DIY fix.

By installing a pegboard cut to the dimensions of your drawer and using wooden dowels using a dowel pin screwed into the base, you may make your own customizable dish organizer. The dowels keep the dishes set up and may be moved around as necessary.

This fantastic idea for keeping dishes was brought to our attention from the kitchen remodel of Houzz consumer Karen Heffernan. Inspired by a number of the last photographs, she implemented the dowel-and-pegboard system above in many deep drawers for easy, space-efficient dish storage.

What’s your kitchen storage solution? Post a photo below!

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Kitchen Chandeliers

Kitchens are hardworking spaces, but it doesn’t mean they have to be utilitarian. In fact, since the kitchen is the heart of the modern house, we tend to devote a lot of effort and time creating comfy, inviting spaces.

And that often means adding special touches that provide our kitchens individual flavor. 1 recent trend toward adding individuality to kitchens is that the usage of chandeliers. And not just any chandeliers, mind you, but crystal chandeliers. These symbols of sophistication are a excellent way to add personality and appeal for your kitchen.

Check out this collection of photos to get inspiration on how it is possible to add a little bling to your kitchen.

Oakley Home Builders

Try using mini chandeliers set up of pendants for unexpected elegance over a kitchen island.

M Woodruff Design

This chandelier with its accompanying shade also adds a touch of the unexpected while highlighting the unique coffered ceiling in this ktichen.

Divine Design+Build

In an expansive kitchen such as this one, bigger scale chandeliers may be utilized in pairs and still not be overpowering.

A dramatic crystal chandelier is ideal for use atop an oversize kitchen island.

Tina Kuhlmann

Double islands, dual chandeliers. Not many kitchens may feature two islands, but if you be fortunate enough to have more than you, why not add a fairly chandelier above every single?

Oakley Home Builders

Here’s another version of the mini chandeliers as pendants. Not only can they add a little elegance, but they also give the space just a little bit of whimsy.

Design Moe Toilet & Kitchen / Heather Moe designer

A crystal chandelier appears to be right at home in the center of this grand ceiling. Anything else might have been overly understated.

In a kitchen such as this using a lot of natural lighting, a chandelier is a fantastic choice because even when the fixture is not illuminated, the crystals have a chance to shimmer as they represent the sun.

Next: Tips for adding a chandelier to the kitchen

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Design Dilemma: 1950s Country Kitchen

After years of saving and small kitchen fix-ups here and there, Houzz user theresal is eventually prepared for a significant kitchen overhaul. The form and style of her 1950s kitchen and breakfast nook have left her at a loss. Have a suggestion? Join the discussion.

Houzz Design Dilemmas

This kitchen is timeless postwar suburban America, however, theresal is seeking to make a timeless and ageless cooking area. Click here to see the rest of the query and share your thoughts.

Houzz Design Dilemmas

Here’s a different view from the kitchen looking out on the breakfast room.

Have your personal design problem? Click here to share it and receive ideas from the Houzz community.

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12 Terrific Ideas for Business In the Kitchen

There is a phrase in French cooking called “mise en place” that translates literally as “investing in place.” The Culinary Institute of America has described it as “every thing in location” and it describes creating ingredients before cooking, like chopped herbs, veggies, meat, etc. It is about organization and planning, and I’ve personally coopted the word in the context of kitchen style as “every thing in its place” when discussing business of kitchen devices, dishes, as well as other non-perishable things… because a residential kitchen is not as likely to have chopped vegetables and herbs sitting out all night in small dishes, but it does want a spot for everything and every thing in its location. Here’s the best way to define a place for every thing in the kitchen in a dozen simple measures.

Divine Design+Build

No. 1: Drawer Inserts. In a commercial kitchen, the cooks would have all their components prepped and sitting out in nine-pans or bowls, to allow them to simply grab and go as they come out dish after dish. In a kitchen that is residential, it is fine to get a place for every thing — silverware, utensils, foil You can aspire to coordinate like one, although you might not be a chef!

Glenvale Kitchens

Caddies for dishes function excellent should you not have a tonne of wall cupboards. Plus, these easy ones may be found and delivered to to the dining table or to the dish washer for unloading for environment.


Dowel methods set up for keeping dishes in the drawer are another alternative.

Divine Design+Build

Adore this thought that is pegboard for inside a drawer. It lets you correct dividers on your preferences. It is additionally an effective strategy to generate wine storage when there isn’t a spot for it!

Kim Duffin for Revered Architectural Insides

No. 2: Drawer Dividers. It Is an excellent option for keeping lids: Place a flat divider in the rear or entrance of the drawer in which you keep your pots. This is carried out in wood too.

Drawer that is more flat dividers. It is a remedy I’ve not attempted before and I I can not wait to attempt it outside — excellent way to keep dishes that are casserole!

Al Williams

Adore drawer and this hybrid vehicle tray divider. Itis an excellent approach to reach points a bit easier.

Glenvale Kitchens

No. 3: Retrieve That Corner. In The Event you are the kind that can not stand idle Susans or magic corners, there is eventually an option: corner drawer models! It is possible to do a Lazy-Susan underneath having all or a topdrawer revealed here.

Pacific North-West Cabinetry

No. 4: Pull-Out Pantries. It Is an excellent option for taller spices, oils and vinegars. It is astonishing that a great number of predicaments can be solved by a modest little cupboard such as this and keep mess because wall cupboard saturated in spices down.


Pull out pantries don’t possess to be enormous — they can be the dimensions of A6″ filler!

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

No. 5: Reconsidering Mise en Location Containers. Industrial eatery pans which were place into the counter top carry utensils, salt-and-pepper as opposed to chopped vegetables and herbs.

Bonfigli Style

Or possess a custom pan produced to to carry things like oil, wine, clean herbs and vinegar . Itis an excellent means to get things away from the counters, as well as though they truly are in the counters, it it generates an expression of calmness through its intent. Organization is quite emotional — it is about producing things appear like they’ve a spot or are designed to be there.

Divine Design+Build

No. 6: Waste Bins and Re-Cycling. It Is a fantastic system. With handles for effortless removing, re-cycling, waste bins as well as compost goes here. Along with a place for cleaners, trash bags and paper towels! Sigh…

N. 7: Cleansing Materials. Common roll-outs may be used for special functions like cleaners and waste bins.

Hint: when you yourself have a few roll outs in your kitchen which could stand a spring-cleaning, re-locate or show new list a few of those fresh kitchen gizmos and repurpose a cupboard to get a remedy in this way!

Glenvale Kitchens

Well-being is equaled by a location for everything. Don’t assume all kitchen can make storage underneath the sink work on account of plumbing conduits, but it is heaven if you’re able to figure it out.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

No. 8: Open Shelving. This kitchen had an area to get a buttery, therefore we utilized the the area throughout the fridge for open shelving. Do not drop victim to believing every inch of akitchen h AS to have a cupboard! These open ledges support the microwave, some lager cookware, the I pod player and mo-Re (including a sneaky place for the radiator).

Summerour Architects

No. 9: Re-Thinking Pantry Area. Pantries do not have to be-all about meals. When you yourself have a great deal of storage that is tall, use one and glassware. It is at eye-level, therefore it is more suitable than pulling them down from a large shelf.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

No. 10: Reconsidering Furniture Pieces. This customdesigned cupboard is next to the kitchen in the breakfast-room and was developed especially for serving dishes, placemats and barware. The untarnished top doubles as buffet or a-bar for serving at events.

Hint: there’s no necessity to custom-design a piece — lots of shops have consoles and cupboards that can be utilized for this function.

Bonfigli Style

No. 1 1: Wine and Pub Storage. Here Is A an extremely smart method to carveout room for bottles of wine. Look around your kitchen and get yourself, “is there lifeless room everywhere?” Subsequently hire a carpenter!

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

This desk region including doubles as a pub and features a house for a supplementary island stool wall storage for wine cubbies and glassware spirits bottles. The top segment of the larder is an excellent place for t-Ray dividers serving dishes and that keep cookie sheets.

Artisan Kitchens Inc.

No. 1 2: For the Canines. Locating a spot for canine bowls and dogfood storage is a continuous challenge… as whoever has kicked the water bowl and soaked their socks will tell you. Getting them a home is ace! Also it seems adorable.

Hint: An additional pull out waste-bin operates ideal for canine food-storage; the ones with lids would be the greatest.

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