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How to Prevent Carpet Mold

We can all agree that a carpet carpet cleaning Pasadena CA is nasty. Removing mold and mildew on hard surfaces is not easy and it’s even more complicated to remove them from the carpet. Moreover, they often have the tendency to appear at the back of the carpet, which is often hard to notice until it’s already too late.

Here’s how you can prevent them.

Why Clean Carpets?

It’s worth noting that if your carpet is clean enough, it’s almost impenetrable by mold and mildew, despite the conditions in your home. In a study where a clean nylon carpet was subjected to a high level of humidity and high temperature, no mold growth was noticed. Even those clean carpets that are known to have active mold spores remained mold-free.

Dirt on carpeting is prone to mold for two reasons – first, the dirt may have mold spores in them and second, the dirt itself has moisture, which encourages mold growth.

Preventing Carpet Mold

As it turns out, it’s relatively easy to prevent the growth of rug cleaning Pasadena in your carpet than to remove it.

Here are some ways on how you can prevent mold growth:

– Keep Humidity Low – A humidity that’s 65% and lower is the perfect level to maintain a mold-free environment. So try to keep your home’s humidity level at 65 percent or below. Consider installing a portable dehumidifier in order to maintain low humidity in your house.

– Keep Temperatures Low – The temperature is another factor that could contribute to mold growth in your home and 80 degrees Fahrenheit is seen as high. Effective HVAC can benefit you in two ways – it lowers the temperature and the humidity level in your home.

– Keep Carpets Clean at All Times – Although there’s really not an official definition of a “clean carpet”, in order for a carpet to be considered clean, it should be vacuumed on a regular basis. Vacuuming the carpet for at least once a week should be enough to keep it clean and inhibit the growth of mildew and mold.

– Install Man-Made Carpet Materials – Your choice of carpet is also a factor in mold growth. Carpets made from organic carpets such as wool are more prone to mold, unlike the manmade or inorganic carpets. So although organic carpets are more environment-friendly, if you want to prevent Pasadena carpet cleaning, it’s best to go for carpets made from inorganic materials such as olefin and nylon.

Carpets on Basement

Basements are often damp, which is why most homeowners avoid installing carpet in this part of their house. Even a light humidity that gets trapped in the basement has the ability to build up over time and will make the carpet to become moldy.

carpet cleaning Pasadena are not only unsightly. They can also be a hazard for health, especially if you or any of your family members has allergies. Furthermore, they can also get into the things that you have stored in your basement and could lead to costly damages. So try to avoid installing carpets in your basement as much as possible.