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10 Ways to Create a Warm and Welcoming Living Room

One of those concerns I hear most frequently is the way to make the dining area feel much more welcoming — rather than just when business coming but every day. It’s natural to focus our attention on the more heavily utilized living and family rooms, but this means formal dining rooms sometimes wind up neglected.

Maybe you picked a fitting dining area place you adore but never took the time to finish the room. Or maybe you filled the space with pieces that would make a look you respect, but in fact found that the seats weren’t comfortable or the style was too stuffy for your family. By reassessing the colours, furniture shapes, accessories as well as room layout, you can give your dining room a fresh lease on life, creating a space that seems warm and inviting and feels just perfect.

Adrienne DeRosa

1. Soften a modern dining place with a cozy rug. Sleek, modern spaces look the at home when balanced using handmade elements, like the stunning Moroccan rug shown here. An oversize terrarium and colorful art bring character whilst still fitting with all the modern aesthetic.

Alan Mascord Design Associates Inc

2. Use rich wall colour to warm a large space. A huge dining area might seem good (there are more room for that large table you have your eye on) but can feel chilly. Bark-brown walls bring out the warmth in this rustic ranch-style dining space, but any color with thickness will produce a cozier feeling in a cavernous space. Be sure to use a soft rug and thick, layered window coverings to help with the acoustics.

Cottage Market

3. Pull up a couch for a cushy English cabin texture. In case a genuinely comfortable look is what you crave, upholstered pieces are the way to go. Use armchairs in the ends of a long table, pull an upholstered banquette into the side or perhaps perch on a cushy couch — just be sure that the chair height will work with your table prior to making a purchase. Crates secured to the wall eventually become pastoral shelves for displaying china, even though a fringed floral colour adds a whimsical touch.

Niche Interiors

4. Take advantage of a sunny spot with a window seat. If your dining area receives a lot of natural light, you might be missing out if you use the room only during dinner time. Put into a comfy cushioned window seat and it might become your new favorite dining room. Bonus: A window seat is a great spot for kids to slink off to after they’re done eating, while being in sight.

Heather Scott Home & Design

5. Or fake sunlight with bright yellow cloth. Sunny yellow curtains or chair cushions and a green topiary bring the outside in, no matter what the weather outdoors. If you want to bring into a living plant, then be sure to speak with your local garden center to discover varieties that will thrive in low-light ailments.

Earth Fur

6. Add character using a cabinet of curiosities. Accessories can set the tone for the space, so consider the mood that you wish to make prior to filling that china cabinet. Pick to stack your collections somewhat haphazardly rather than in perfect order to loosen up the space. A garland draped in the top and much more decorations hanging from the knob contribute to the fun atmosphere. For an organic, nature-inspired look, use pretty rocks, moss and leaves to accent piles of dishes.

Siemasko + Verbridge

7. Alter the layout and have dinner by the fire. When you have an open living-dining space, then try turning your furniture into the other side of the space for a change of speed. You can always go back if the installation does not do the job, but you might get used to having fireside dinners!

Lucy Interior Design

8. Or suggest warmth with a blazing-hot hue. Paint a coat of vibrant red in your china hutch, buffet or seats — attempt wine or tomato red for a classic look, salmon if you’re courageous.

Emily A. Clark

9. Liven up a plain, boxy space with painted-on stripes. Paint wide wall stripes in two different colors to make a bit of architectural interest at a bland room. Insert a symmetrical arrangement of art on the walls to match the strong horizontal stripes without appearing too busy.

Caitlin Wilson Design

10. Utilize a pinboard in an unexpected location. Fight the unspoken principle that dining rooms should be impersonal by bringing into a corkboard to hold current snapshots. Guests will love having something to talk about at dinner!

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